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3K's Kryptonite. A friendly but urgent reminder. Please fix 3K's worst BUG. The Alliance War BUG.

felix1234felix1234 Registered Users Posts: 1
I have seen others post about this BUG but I feel obligated to re-post. Sorry if this is redundant but it deserves as many reminders as possible. I respect the devs and how hard they work, i know its not easy, but please move this BUG to the top of your to do list, I see posts about it dating back a full year. (I'll attempt to stress the importance of fixing it instead of just stating the problem as this BUG isn't just your typical annoying BUG, its game-breaking. I'll explain why this is 100% a BUG and not a feature as I previously theorized.)

This BUG is 3K's kryptonite, as 3K has the best and most in depth campaign mechanics in the series, and this BUG ruins them.

- You cant enjoy 3K's character system
- You cant enjoy the emperor power fantasy
- You cant play kingmaker
- You cant even negotiate

The last in that list is the most crucial because it's responsible for making the other things impossible. Diplomacy isn't just 3K's best feature, it's its very identity. Without it the game loses its niche and becomes redundant. Anything that interferes with diplomacy is kryptonite.

A ban on diplomacy is a ban on fun.

Give this BUG a brand-name, it needs popularized, spread the word. The "Alliance War BUG," the "Diplomacy Ban BUG," or as I think it's most aptly called "The Kryptonite BUG." Whatever you want to call it. It's summed up as the following...and I will use my most recent campaign to illustrate.

I'm playing as Yuan Shao and became king (Kingdom of Song.) Liu Bei immediately declares an independence war from my vassalage and ushers in the kingdom of Shu-Han. His capital was exposed so I easily took it, Shu-Han was no more, but I always wanted Liu Bei to join my empire or be re-vassalized as he is so easy to get along with in diplomacy. I release a few generals and im trending towards +200 in positive relations. Its time for peace and reconciliation. But here is the BUG:

I'm banned from negotiating peace - which means im banned from diplomacy - because Liu Bei (or insert X name) is in an Alliance. PERIOD.

I once theorized, "Oh. I must not to able to negotiate with an enemy alliance because the alliance must get a majority peace vote on their own terms before proposing it to me." Wrong. Because this time I am ONLY in an alliance war with Liu Bei - not his allies. This confirms it's a BUG. In fact im on good terms with his allies and have treaties with them (and making things weirder, Liu Bei's "allies" dislike him.) I can negotiate an Alliance War peace with both Sun Ce and Meng Huo since neither have allies, but I cant with Liu Bei since he (technically) does. I dont know the finer details here (what with alliance voting and all that), this is an amature diagnosis, but i believe it is accurate.

With a BUG ban on diplomacy, it leads to: Forcing you to paint the map instead of interacting with the characters and their factions, you cant build China the way you want in true sandbox fashion. Well, that was my best pitch and I hope you agree with me. Its past time we found the right bug spray to kill this thing. If I can get an official response I will happily email in the save file.


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