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Cannot Start Multiplayer Head to Head or Co-op Campaign

PAVCHARPAVCHAR Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello all and Happy New Year,

I recently tried starting up a head to head with a friend only to find out that we cannot even start the campaign. Here is the issue:

After pressing ready at the lobby the game goes to the loading screen as usual. After we have both loaded in, the game provides the host with the message "Waiting for other players..." at the bottom right of the screen and the person that has joined with the "Waiting for other players to join..." message but with a timer in the center of the screen. Once the timers run out we both get disconnected. Another interesting issue is that once both players load in the host appears to be going second in the order when he is supposed to be going first. I own all the DLC my friend owns mortal empires and the FLC and we are both running no mods.

Here is what we tried to resolve the issue:

-Both gave Warhammer 2 full access through the firewall
-Manually opened up all the required ports on the router
-My friend tried hosting the campaign and we had the same result
-Originally run version 1.10.0, we both opted in the 1.10.1 beta with the same results as before happening
-Tried hosting multiplayer battle to test connection and as expected we could not connect once again
-Tried hosting in both mortal empires and vortex maps with the same outcome
-I disabled the Twisted and Twilight DLC (everything was running OK a few months ago when we had a campaign on 1.9.2)

At this point we have tried everything in our power and nothing works which sucks because we used to be able to do multiplayer campaign with no game breaking issues and we wanted to both get back into it after both getting some decent gaming PCs.

Does anyone have some insight on what might be causing this issue and how to fix it?

Best Regards and once again Happy New Year!


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