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Mortal Empires Campaign Map Reveal



  • HorskiHorski Registered Users Posts: 38
    RikRiorik said:

    Hellebron comes when/if she is officially confirmed. Anything else is more or less fanciful speculation.

    Very true, makes complete sense for them to add her but it's nothing but speculation at this point.
  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,375

    Whelan has already said that he isn't in ME and that he's only in custom and multiplayer and it wasn't a hint or anything.

    and? IT's CAs fault for Including Boris in this video in that very spot... they are the reason for this.


    We need a picture of Franz ordering people about with the Title "Finding Todbringer"

    if somebody can do it better: be my guest... i did that in a few minutes^^
    Every wrong is recorded. Every slight against us, page after page, ETCHED IN BLOOD! Clan Gunnisson! Karak Eight Peaks! JOSEF BUGMAN!

    #PrayForBorisBokha (don't you dare kill of one of the 2 bigname Kislev characters in Backstory... he's the Bear guy!)

    The Empire still hasn't gotten their FLC LL. We need Marius Leitdorf of Averland!

    Where is Boris Todbringer? Have you seen him? For a Middenland DLC with Boris and the Ar-Ulric!

    Queek could smell their hatred, ratcheted to a degree that even he could not evoke in their simple hearts. He stepped over the old orange-fur’s body, eager to see for himself what it was they saw. But he heard it first.
    'Waaaaaaaggh! Gorfang!'
  • DummyDummy Registered Users Posts: 9
    I am very unhappy with Warhammer 2 in general, but that is mostly due to personal issues with the preorder and the fact that I still cannot play it and the support has really been underwhelming.

    On the point of the ME Map, holy moly I made a reddit post more then a month back that the game is roughly loosing out on 1/3 of the settlements that it is "supposed" to have with WH 1+2 but this looks horrible with so much missing and squished together.
  • XihuXihu Registered Users Posts: 27
    Xihu said:

    Did anyone else notice that the province where Nagashizzar is located has borders already made? I'm certain that it will not be playable on release of ME on Oct 26th, but the fact that there are already borders/mountains assigned hints to me that Nagash will be a DLC faction/LL for ME. This also means that there are already provinces designated/created within the Dark Lands...

    What if all of the Darklands will be released as DLC as part of the ME/TWW2 map? Chaos Dwarfs and Ogres are both MORTAL afterall.

    If the Darklands and Chaos Dwarfs/Ogres are released for game 2, then what will make up game 3? There wouldn't be enough land/factions to make it enjoyable. Well, CA has hinted that they named the combined map for game 2 "Mortal Empires" because there will be immortal factions that will make up game 3 - aka Daemons of Chaos. This is a Total War game, and part of the Total War experience in campaign is to build up your own cities/towns to create you soldiers from. Daemons exist in the Warp, and they would not build settlements in the Mortal Realm - They're goal is to destroy civilization afterall. This leads me to think that game 3 will be titled "TWW3: The Great Game" named after the eternal competition that the Chaos Gods have with one another, and that the actual game map will not exist in the mortal realm, but that CA will actually create an entirely new map which will encompass the 4 main Chaos Realms (see attached image).

    Personally, I'm starting to think that the Darklands will actually be part of TWW2: Mortal Empires, this is further reinforced by the Nagashizzar province shown on this ME map reveal. TWW3: The Great Game will pit the 4 Chaos Gods against each other for domination of the Warp. They might even have a feature where you need to influence the mortal world through agent characters, setting up Chaos Cults in designated areas of your choice. The Chaos cults/agents would be instrumental in creating some form of portal to allow the Daemons of Chaos armies (which will be created in the Chaos Realms map, and which were, up until the portal's completion, fighting with the other Gods' armies in the Warp) to actually invade the mortal world.

    This is probably WAY to ambitious, but seeing Nagashizzar has me speculating. It could simply mean that CA has already designated provinces for the Darklands in game 3, it could mean that Nagashizzar will be released in ME to counter the Tomb Kings, but the rest of the Darklands will be reserved for game 3... but the fact that CA explicitly chose "MORTAL EMPIRES" as their title for the combined map of TWW2 does lead me to think that they will have all of the Darklands for this game, and game 3 will include a map for the Realms of Chaos.

    Not a far off guess!
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