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what goes into the AI accepting a trade agreement?

billybobbabbyboybillybobbabbyboy Registered Users Posts: 3
There are a lot of parties i can trade with, many of whom either have neutral or positive opinions of me, but they absolutely refuse to trade with me. is it because i have very low relaibility? im not even sure what i did that caused my reliability to go down. can confederating lower your relaibility?


  • CountTalabeclandCountTalabecland Registered Users Posts: 443
    AFAIK poor reliability is a debuff on all kinds of diplomacy.

    So the best way to stay reliable is never defensively or militarily ally with anyone.

    If you have a high relationship with them they probably won’t declare war on you and especially not if you have a NAP.

    Otherwise, I’m not sure, relationship seems to be a much more important factor than the actual value of the trade goods involved.
  • dreagondreagon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,242
    Very low reliability is definitely a major factor. It is a quick road to war with anyone who doesn't absolutely love you. And besides that I believe you need to have at least +20 relations to have a chance at a trade agreement.
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  • EmrysorEmrysor Registered Users Posts: 423
    If there is one faction you do not want to fight and is your only ally, then you can ally them. I would however only ever ally one faction at a time. Generally as long as they have other neighbours or other wars they will not ever declare war on you as long you keep high reliability and good relations.
  • JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Registered Users Posts: 1,420
    Nobody will do any new deals with you if you are unreliable, that is after all the only purpose of the reliability rating.

    Apart from that, there is a component of AI personalities that determines how open the faction is for trade deals. Some factions like Kislev will almost never trade, others trade easily even with only slightly positive relations, like +5.

    The actual value of the deal for the AI seems to be unimportant which is pretty stupid. Tried to make a deal with Kislev yesterday. We had +10 relations and he would have made 450 gold per turn from the deal, me only 70 gold per turn. But he absolutely refused the deal even with an extra 5k gold payment offered. I guess he's just ideologically opposed to foreign trade or something.
  • Glandyth_a_KraeGlandyth_a_Krae Registered Users Posts: 131
    Frankly the diplomacy system is just hopeless. I am at +60 and climbing with Franz as Tyrion, the chaos invasion is under way, yet he refuses both trade and access. It makes zero sense.
  • billybobbabbyboybillybobbabbyboy Registered Users Posts: 3

    Nobody will do any new deals with you if you are unreliable, that is after all the only purpose of the reliability rating.

    that does make sense. i guess my thoughts were that the reliability was more of a political consideration, rather than an economic. theres not really any downsides to trading with anyone except elves that im aware of, so it doesnt make much sense to me to refuse to trade with a party on the other side of the map that you arent hostile with. im definitely using your "no united against us" mod going forward, btw, now that i know it exists.

    good advice everyone, will definitely minimize my diplomacy going forward.
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