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Casting spells with no cooldown and winds of magic cost

RanoldasRanoldas Registered Users Posts: 1
edited February 9 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Build Number:
v1.10.2 Build 17427.2176637

Detailed description of your issue:
Interrupting projectile type spells bugs out entire magic kit allowing you to cast it with no cost or cooldowns while using it outside of caste-range. Works on both campaign battles and custom battles.

Reproduction steps:
1) Start casting fireball projectile and as the moment your wizard starts it up, move to any direction to cancel it.
2) Start casting any area of effect spell such as Piercing bolts of burning right outside of your spellcasting range(on the edge indicating red)
3) Wait till spell will be casted, then it will automatically refund all winds of magic back and reset cooldown.

So far I have tested this bug and works with any Lore of magic that has projectile spell:
Lore of Fire
Lore of High
Lore of Light
Lore of Vampires
Lore of beast

Attached custom battle with fire magic example and modified.log(it was empty) file.
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  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 1,617
    Thank you for raising this and providing clear reproduction steps!
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