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Would you be interested by a warhammer Age of Sigmar at some point?



  • NeodeinosNeodeinos Registered Users Posts: 9,650
    The setting is still young and needs to be fleshed out, although it's been getting really good lately.

    That said I would definitely play it. The Nighthaunt alone would be enough to make me play the game. This faction looks **** sick.

  • LordCommanderLordCommander Registered Users Posts: 1,971
    Frontier Developments currently have exclusive licensing rights for an AoS RTS. Depending on it's reception, who knows what can happen in the future? My instinct says probably not very much.
  • saweendrasaweendra Registered Users Posts: 11,480
    Yes all in due time and after they get a proper bretonnia
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  • Mogwai_ManMogwai_Man Registered Users Posts: 4,662
    edited February 14
    If they do then it shouldn't be anytime soon. If they don't then I could care less. I'd rather play actual AoS than Total War.
  • PoorManatee6197PoorManatee6197 Registered Users Posts: 1,294
    Maybe in the future when it is its own thing, right now it still uses fantasy things and some of the races are barebones.
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  • Ulthuan_VolcanoUlthuan_Volcano Registered Users Posts: 175

    AoS is an interesting mix of great and terrible miniatures.

    I wouldn't be against it, but it needs a good 10 years to sort itself out.

    well if we get a game like this after a LOTR and/or 40k game it might be 10 years. But I agree that right now the setting shouldn't bet turned into a total war game
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