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When can we see a new Empire: Total War?

Hendog123Hendog123 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi everyone,

I, like a lot of others, am a huge fan of the Empire and Napoleon total war games from about a decade ago now. Creative Assembly has been churning out multiple Rome, Troy and Warhammer games, to name a few, for the a while now. These are not really my cup of tea as I'm more a gunpowder nut, however, I realise that for lots of people they're fantastic.

My question is pretty straightforward. Does anyone have an idea on when we could possibly witness the birth of a new 17th/18th century game, if at all?

I am well aware of the fact that Empire was riddled with bugs. AI army movements and general incompetence were rife. Nevertheless, I feel as if it possesses huge potential and great scope for improvement with better graphics and improved AI. In fact, Empire took the number one sales spot in the UK for its first week of release back in March 2009, the first for the Total War franchise. Moreover, it would go on to sell more than double that of previous titles, Medieval II and Rome.

Both Empire and Napoleon are hugely nostalgic games and it seems a shame that CA has pretty much neglected them, or at least this period of fascinating history. Bearing in mind games like Rome and Warhammer have all received multiple sequels, its a pity Empire or Napoleon hasn't seen the same treatment. If anyone has a shred of information on this, I'd be very grateful to hear it. Cheers :)


  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 53
    Here's a little poll about it https://strawpoll.com/wxsk4oy6c/r

    As it can be guessed, medieval 3 is the leader followed by empire 2.

    I have no idea about when but i think CA will release at least two games covering the middle ages and the gunpowder era.

    My only worry is that they might settle for half-complete saga trash whilst focusing on fantasy only for a long time.
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