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MULTIPLAYER LOAD ERROR - Can't load MP Quick Battles

BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
Gday all, hope you are going well,

Into the Grudge Book:

I've had long term issues trying to play Multiplayer games online for TWW2.

When attempting a quick battle or joining a lobby, I can choose faction and army.

However when I load into the battlefield, I always get stuck on 'waiting for other players to finish loading' & no troops appear on the battlefield. The timer ticks down to 0 and I'm eventually disconnected.

I can only: Host small funds game online, or play with just one steam friend, using Hamachi. A third party connection program.

Here's what I'm working with


ASUS ROG Strix G15 Core i7 GTX 1650 Ti 15.6in 144Hz Laptop

Windows updated.
All drivers updated.
Always play with AC connected.
Game optimised using Nvidia GeForce.
Game configured to run using Nvidia high power graphics card.

Game File Health checks:

Clean reinstall.
Verified integrity of files.
Deleted "preference.script.txt " to reset settings.
Confirmed game is on latest update. current ( V1.10.2 Build: 17427.2176637 )
No mods ever installed or used.
Run - as Administrator


Exceptions for game and steam listed in Firewall.
Download speed approx. 30mbps
All ports forwarded in both Router and Fire wall, as per guide:
" https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711 "

Misc attempts:

Attempted running using both Direct X11 and Direct X12
Configured all graphics to 'low'

+ A sincere apology to any player who I've wasted time of by not loading into our game.

I've been emailing SEGA back and forth for ~3 weeks w/ no fixes.

CA Can you help me and others please?

I can see a multitude of similar posts in these forums, and as far as I can see no official response or fix yet.

Attached is DxDiag and screenshot of 'what I can load'

Best regards,


  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    P.s. I can connect to and play any games on Warhammer 1 completely fine, on maximum graphics settings.

  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    After switching to running in compatibility mode for Windows 7, I can now view and join games via the lobbies. before, I couldn't see any games ever in the multiplayer lobbies. However I still cannot load into these games or load into quickplay battles.

  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    Just updating as I haven't had a response from CA I've contacted Sega to request a full refund of game + all DLC referencing the below advice from ACCC:


    All the best.

  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    Sega initially said they had no further troubleshooting steps for the game & apologised for the inconvenience.

    I requested a refund & they have now said they will continue to look into the issue.
  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    Apologies for continued whinging.

    boost ^
  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    April 20th, still waiting on a response,

    I can't pre order Total Warhammer 3 in good faith if the official support forums do not actually provide game support
  • epic_159748958966dVXKINGepic_159748958966dVXKING Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
    BATMOP said:

    April 20th, still waiting on a response,

    I can't pre order Total Warhammer 3 in good faith if the official support forums do not actually provide game support

    I to am currently facing the same problem as you I didn't have this problem last year but recently its been effecting me, please keep us informed, I'm interested to see what happens next.
  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    Hi epic Vxking,

    Have you had a chance to contact Sega Support yet?

    It is an advisable first step to run through basic technical trouble shooting,

    I will indeed keep you updated if I ever get a reply from the CA Support re this issue,

    Best regards
  • BasicReferenceBasicReference Registered Users Posts: 1
    The issue is due to an automatic timeout of 300 seconds in the game. You are loading into the game faster than the host and the game is automatically disconnecting them because it thinks they have timed out (meaning the game has received no data or ping from their machine in 300 seconds). There is no work around other than to play with people who also load as fast as you. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you have an SSD (Solid State Drive) and at least 16gb of RAM. People with HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) load much much slower (1 and a half minutes vs 4-5 or even 7-8 minutes) and thusly cannot load the game fast enough to play with players who play on SSDs due to the timeout. Frankly the timeout should be able to be removed by the host for cases such as this.

    I found out about this because I am unable to play with my friend who takes about 4 minutes to load vs my minute to load.
  • TypTyp Registered Users Posts: 9
    Same issue.... Again... last time i was excited to play with a friend was after the release of nakai and wulfhart where h2h was bugged for two months.
  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited February 20
    Thanks for your comments guys,

    That is an interesting take BasicReference, your guess of SDD & Ram is correct, and I can see it as a possibility in some cases, but I have a hard time believing I have a faster PC than every1 on quickmatch as I'm playing on a laptop,

    Here's hoping once Total Warhammer 3 is patched and a bit more optimised, it won't have the same MP connection issues,


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