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Every Other Turn a Desyncs occurs for Multiplayer Campaign After Last Player Ends Their Turn

DarkMageDarkMage Registered Users Posts: 10
I have been playing with a friend with the new dlc and we are noticing a lot of desyncs between the two of us that did not happen before. The end turn timer AI factions starts and ends near or directly on Clan Eshins faction flag and pops up the desync window. It seems to work after the desync for at least a turn until needing to resync again. Hope you find a fix.

We have played on Lan and online to see if anything was different and it seemed the same.

We are also playing Belegar and Durthu factions if that information helps at all.

Build Version 1.10.0


  • LordDurthu234LordDurthu234 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have had this problem too.

    My games keep having the host client has left errors and the same error for the player who is not hosting.

    It is making it quite difficult to play a multiplayer campaign when it keeps desyncing or showing client left error when loading through the turn timer or the battle initiation screen.

    It basically makes coop campaign very difficult to play if every end turn button leads to a desync.

    I hope this gets fixed soon I know I had no issues on the previous patches so I wish CA the best and hope its a easy fix.
  • DarkMageDarkMage Registered Users Posts: 10
    My wood elf coop partner has not recruited Ariel yet. For that desync bug fixed in the January 26th patch.
  • Burningwave0501Burningwave0501 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I also have the problem in the coop with the wood elves. Desync of doom with sometimes game crashes and then resulting savegame problems. Can then usually take the round before to load. For example, desync and crash occurred in round 65. I then have to load 63 or 64 because savegame of round 65 is junk. I know my english is not the best.

  • DarkMageDarkMage Registered Users Posts: 10
    Your good. One solution I have found is to honestly just buy the new dlc with both players and we have not been having any desyncs occurring in our game.

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