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A feedback from a a fan that got over 3000h in both War 1 and War2

M4RtineM4Rtine Registered Users Posts: 8
Hello there,

Before you read my feedback be aware that my English is not that good.

I'd like to share with you my personal feelings about Total War Warhammer 1 & 2.
Like in the title I've spent around 3000h hours in both games.
When you first release Warhammer 1 I was so happy about it. We didn't really have any good Warhammer Fantasy Battle game since Mark of Chaos.
I remember the 1st time I started the game. I was amazed by its size and beauty. You need to understand that I never had played any Total War games before. The game was truly amazing. My first camping ever was with Warriors of Chaos, since I've always liked them. Ofc. I pick the Everchosen. I was never a big fan of dragon ogres with big hammers and Slannesh boy is not my style. Took me 3 battles to epic fail and lose the game.

After that I was learning how to play, I tried all the factions and I had fun with it. As soon I was better I noticed that dwarfs and Empire are fun to play. So I played and played.

Later on you added a new DLC, call of the beastmen. That time you added a new camping map. At first, I didn't know what to think about that faction. It was like campain camping of WoC and Orcs with beastmen models. In any case, I did play beastmen quite a lot. I did enjoy the way they charge, it was so fun. And that thing that throw rocks became my favorite range unit in the game. The camping map for Beastmen was so amazing. Like I could feel that I'm an ant in the big empire where everyone wants to hunt me down. Good details of the map with empire towns. At that moment I had a dream. I was hoping that you do a very big detailed map like this. So amazing. I like bestmen in the end. Good and fun faction. I do understand the people who would like this faction to be updated. 10/10

The next DLC was The Grim and the Grave. That was an okayish DLC. I think it's the only time I focused on playing Volkmar. A different thing was with Ghorst. At first, I was like, who is this guy? Why is he there? Another necromancer? Like Wut wut wut?
But as soon I started to play him I saw his extreme potential. His Camping and gameplay effect was great. To a point that I think that his one of the best support ll in the game. 7/10

The King and the Warlord, now that was a fun DLC. Race for Karak Eight Peaks. I did love the idea. You see I played Warhammer since 1997 and I did read all the Warhammer novels and I did love the idea. When the DLC dropped I was like damn, Skarsnik CA do hate you. Hard starting position. Difficult roster. In any way I did play with him few campings and I thought later on that his really nothing special. At least the new orc units were super fun. Belegar on the other hand was boring. Didn't enjoy him at all. There was nothing really exciting with him. Rangers were okayish but meh. 5/10.

Realm of the Wood Elves. O M G. So good DLC. New faction! Wood Elves! Hitler Tree! Love that faction. So powerful. Even before the last DLC, I was always thinking that WE are so good, damn powerful. With this DLC we got the next camping map similar to beastmen. And that ladies and gentlemen were an Epic Looking Map. So good. Beautiful Forset with seasons. Compere to normal camping it was Beyond Godlike. Big detailed WOW! 11/10

Norsca. I didn't enjoy its gameplay. Was great don't understand me wrong but it was not my style. The mechanic of this faction was the most fascinating compere to every other faction thought. You need to build monuments for gods, change their champions and then either be the Everchosen or join him. But the best about that faction was the monster hunt. I feel like CA implemented this mini RPG style where you need to do the quest to kill the big boss and get a nice drop. That was great.

Warhammer 1 was a great title. 3 good camping maps. Greate battles, good music, and 1000h off gameplay for me. I did like the quotes in the loading screen and with every DLC I was checking how you added the map. Did you add statues or did you move something. Really cool.

Warhammer 2

I did have a problem with it. I never liked Skaven, Lizardmen, and Elves. Just not my thing. In any case, the camping map as always was beautiful. Like you outdid yourself. I didn't not like the plot nor the whole scroll thing. Was too long and boring. I'm sorry for it. I did miss the quotes on the loading screen. 9/10

Mortal Empires, that was massive. After you release it I was mainly playing it. I did like the idea of the big world. Of I was sad that it's not that big but what can we do.

Rise of the Tomb Kings. Extremely good DLC. So good, great faction and Settra. Settra RULES! The great unique faction with truly great and amazing units. After you release it I started to play Voltrex camping and I did enjoy it. I think 80% of my TK camping was with Arkhan. Can't help it, my favorite TK LL. I like the objective find the Books of Nagash. It gives this good flavor to the game. 11/10

The Queen and the Crone. Okay DLC, not greate not terrible. 6/10

Curse of the Vampire Coast YAR HAR AND ZEE BATTLE OF RUM. Good DLC, fun faction, it gives some life to the water area. Then again I was always thinking that those randoms ships are boring and nothing special. Like they don't do much. If they could raid or attack towns and create their own pirate empires that it would be much funnier. 8/10

The Prophet and the Warlock were ok. 6/10

The Hunter and The Beast. I did play this camping a lot. I Wulfhart and his unique gameplay and Nakai. It is the only lizardman faction I can play and I enjoy. 10/10

The Shadow and the Blade. Another great DLC. With it I was finally motivated to play Skaven and Dark Elves. Snikch mechanic is so powerful and great, he is so unique in every possible way. Malus the same, his camping is extremely boring but bring him to battle, and its OMG. this guy kills and he kills a lot of everything. 11/10

The Warden and the Paunch. Cool DLC but that's about it. 8/10

The Twisted and the Twilight. Amazing DLC to an amazing and powerful faction. Both ll you added were amazing. 11/10

And yes with every of those DLC you updated old factions making them even better to play. Vampire with bloodline mechanic is just super! Empire politics its so fitting to that faction, Orcs are so AMAZING now! Dwarfs got forge. It's okay.

Warhammer 2 is a great title right now. Complex with unique faction and their mechanics. Just one thing I dislike about the game. One thing that I feel it should be done in a different way, think that SUCK's in my opinion. It's the selection menu in the game. Compere to Attile or 3k it sucks.

CA thanks for your great hard work with Warhammer. Thank you for making Warhammer FB greate again, You did more to the title than Games Workshop in the last 15 years. I can understand that we are a demanding community but that because you created this godlike game. I'm waiting patiently for Warhammer 3. I have the feeling that it will be a surprising title.

Thank you CA!


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