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CA Please look over your unit limit system. It's all messed up.

Black_PhillipBlack_Phillip Registered Users Posts: 623
The Vampire Fleet Captain is counting towards the range limit. Slaan Fire Mage and Life Mages count towards Rare Single Entities.

I have a LM build with Mazda on Zlaq, 4 teradons, and 2 solar engines but for some reason it can't load it in QBs because it says something exceeds unit limits even though it doesn't. I have to load the build with one less solar engine and then add it in when i'm in the QB lobby and then it's playable. No idea why this is.

I'm sure there are more problems out there that I haven't spotted yet.


  • Loupi_Loupi_ Registered Users Posts: 2,495
    heres another one: glade lords and glade captain on great stags count towards the 360 limit even though they dont have 360 firing.
  • WitchbladeWitchblade Registered Users Posts: 960
    There are many bugs with unit caps when it comes to loading armies. I think you can't load any army with 6 skirmishers or 12 ranged units, for example, even though you can make those armies and play with them in QB.
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