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Sieges need a rework

CChenTheBestCChenTheBest Registered Users Posts: 2
Sieges are easily the worst type of battle in Total War Warhammer 2. Siege towers and battering rams are fricking useless, there is no reason to put your units on the wall and the sieges aren't balanced, Legend is even able to beat them with one unit of ratling guns, the lord and a warp lightning cannon.
Here's how to fix them:
First of all, increase the damage a battering ram does to the gate in one blow.
Then, improve siege AI where they would actually do something with their units, especially cav and monsters, if you are outside the city. Then, towers of many races are still bad, buff some of them (skaven towers don't need to be buffed ofc)
So, yeah, what do you think?


  • HondlisHondlis Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 940
    You are beating dead horse mate.
  • Commissar_GCommissar_G Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,468
    CA said they'd look into it for game 3.

    We'll have to see what their "fix" is.

    Sieges aren't great, but as far as I'm concerned not much better or worse than any other TW title.

  • Jman5Jman5 Registered Users Posts: 1,364
    edited March 6
    The Ram's damage isn't the problem. They knock down gates fairly quickly. The problem is how quickly regular soldiers break open gates. When you add in the fact that they get to the gate much faster, there is almost no difference in gate-killing speed.

    We do need to make Ram's more useful, but I would do that through increasing the gate's hitpoints and reducing the effectiveness of chopping gates down with swords and spears.

    On the subject of sallying out...
    To be frank, I'm skeptical CA could make the AI do this competently. No offense to them, I just think it would just be hard for the AI to get it right without being tricked and killed piecemeal.

    I would much rather focus on making the defenses much more resistant against ranged and magic attack.

    1) give towers a much wider firing arc so you can't as easily hide in blindspots.
    2) significantly boost missile and magic resist while defending the wall
    3) make both rows of the wall multi-directional so units in the 2nd row don't have their backs to the enemy missiles.
    4) increase inaccuracy when firing blindly into the courtyard or up onto the wall
    5) prioritize shielded units to the walls.
    6) units in the courtyard should be positioned closer to the wall or behind buildings so they can't be hit from outside missile fire.

    Beyond that, some miscellaneous things I would like to see addressed:

    1) Make ladders limited like other siege equipment and something you have to construct or pay for somehow.
    2) Agent actions against garrisons are frankly super overpowered and need to be reigned in. People don't use them because it's so easy to cheese sieges right now, but if they fix those, these are going to reign supreme.
    3) I wish Garrison commanders would gain more spells and abilities as you leveled up the settlement.
    4) I wish garrison troops could gain chevrons equal to the province + factionwide bonus for that unit type. (over time)
    5) I wish flying units in a garrison didn't just sit in the back the entire fight until army-loss penalties kicked in. They should be the go-to reinforcements when a siege tower drops and you're scrambling to hold the walls.
    6) I wish the AI's troops defending the walls would stop being so over-reactive and just HOLD AND FIGHT more. They waste way too much time and manpower pointlessly running around. Obviously you want them to react a little bit, but it should be much more restrained.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 14,521
    Personally I don't think the defenders need a greater advantage, especially against the AI.

    I would like to see a multi-layed approach to sieges, However, I do like the wall defense followed by the positioning part of the battle once the walls are taken.

    I do not expect the sieges to be changed as much as people think they will be. The new AI was designed to take on new abilities and units such as magic and monsters, so initially it was based around attack a single wall or an angled city map.

    I hope they remove the almost 90% arc of fire for bow units as it makes positioning behind was as almost useless.
  • Ulthuan_VolcanoUlthuan_Volcano Registered Users Posts: 200
    I hope they'll address it
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  • NeodeinosNeodeinos Registered Users Posts: 10,749
    A siege rework has already been confirmed a few times.

  • Pr4vdaPr4vda Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,701
    neodeinos said:

    A siege rework has already been confirmed a few times.

    We just hope it is a HUGE rework and not some tweaks here and there ...
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