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What is the best faction in this game?

GetGoodBruhGetGoodBruh Registered Users Posts: 1
Usually, I prefer to play as the Indian tribe empires because they have ridiculously OP musket men that have an insane range and helped me win a lot of matches so what is yall's opinion of what is the best faction?


  • AndyPZAndyPZ Registered Users Posts: 1
    British - uber Navy and solid Army.
  • HailzHailz Registered Users Posts: 5
    Late Ottomans
  • dge1dge1 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 24,012
    Prussians, then the Swedes.
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  • DeitrichDeitrich Registered Users Posts: 4
    British. There base is an Island- easy to defend and the have an awesome navy.
    With the navy you can dominate trade and never have to worry about money.
    Pretty good inf and cav too.
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