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Suggestions for changes for Warhammer 3

MioWaveMioWave Registered Users Posts: 29
Things which ,in my personal opinion, should be added in Warhammer 3:

1. Painted Campaign Map
2. Campaign Forestry - Vanilla Version
3. Custom Faction Currencies
4.Settlement Panel Landscape
5.GCCM: Unique Faction Capitals
6.More Trade Resources

Explanation for some above:

It just looks more nice

only personal preference

to have the factions more distinct

It looks really stunning, also i would enhance the building Browser completely. (more below)

This is to further enhance the most improtant Cities.
I would do this for all Citites you´ll need for victory, and for other important cities like Erengrad, Marienburg, Bordelaux, ... ; (elven colonies should look different as well)

This is something i wanted for a long time, i would like more depth in the parts where it is missing
Obvioussly "evil Factions" like Orks will not benefit from it so there has to be a little Balance, or, it is just a player bonus.
Lots of buildings make resources, but now also every faction gets 2 special resources only they can produce,
Resouces have 6 cathegories: food, material, diplomatical, arms, magical, specials, magical
if you have at least 5 diffenrent food resouces youll get a bonus in groth
material for building, arms for unit stats bonuses, diplomatical for bonuses in trade or, special for public order and magical for magic

Or: depending on the mass you receive the bonus gets better, for example:
Bretonia mill and flour, If you have 50 you get +20 growth which means you can regulate all above for trade, it enhances the traiding especially if most factions can trade with one another.

Additional Stuff
Better Interface for Faction
Just overall better control, instead of Lists for Armies it would be better to have a menue where they are,
also, when a hero is attachend to the army she will be listet in the army,
this helps also for distibuting skill points better cause you can click on the army than on the heroes; than at the right side of the screen the hero menue will pop up

Better Hero recruitment
Just a button with bigger panel insead what we have now, especially because of 5 heroes, the scrolling is really bad in my opinion

Camps when encamped
this is in 3 Kingdoms, and it is really useful and fun, it addes also another lair of depth

I fear that warhammer 3 will have big cities again. I find this dumb because usually someone defends only a part which leaves the rest of the city, similar to Grom and Eltharion or the Forts these types are really good.
I want the cities more distinced, again 3 Kingdoms: if you have a city with iron, then youll have 1 special city type

unit control like 3 Kingdoms
One part really shines:
If you drag units with different unit numbers but the same type, they will cover the same depth
its so much better than going with lengs, just imagine a unit with 150 units and one with 75, the one with 75 should cover less lengh.

More Building Slots and Buildings but less overall Settlements (not more than 300)
This is something which is really needen and a must.
I would go with 6 for minor Settlements and """ for mayor. Also the victory condition Settlements and all elven Settlements get more as well.
In total every City gets 2 more.

The reason for that is simple:
you conquer the Empire with the Empire and than thats it. Game won unless you paint the Map
I want everything smaller so that you have to go out and conquer different Places if you want to win.
Also: it helpst greatly with turn end times if there is less
In ADITTION to this, please add at least 2 more building types for each race. These buildings are supprot buildings like the roads. With those you can better customise the cities if there is for example lots of mining or good recruitments.
I like that in 3 Kingsdoms provinces have to be moddled in 3 directions, food, industry or trade
I dont want a copy cause the beauty is that different games do different things;
BUT, its extremely boring if all settlements do the same, just bland money.
You dont have to go away from this but i tend to build military recruitment in sutable Provinces, or, Roads and defenses for protection movement and supplies in important places, rest somewhere else.

Better mayor Factions less confederating between mayor factions.
Just enhance the mayor Factions.
What i want for examle is, that the mayor factions conquer more of the map and that minors are destroyed easier. BUT, the mayors dont confederate unless they are at the brink of destruction.
This means at the beginning of the campaing youll have many small ones, in ealy mid and mid many middle and small ones and in lategame fewer but more big ones

Level 60 for lords
Please let lords got to level 60 and heroes to 50 with lots more small updates and customasations

Change the diplomacy buttons
they are horrible, sometimes i click to fast and than i agree to something i didnt want

Change notifications
In Lategame most notifications are extremely annoying at the beginning of a turn. make a menue to klick to get a window to look at all.

After Cathey, Chaos Demons and Kislev:

IND: hybrid of beastmen overlords and humans
NIPPON: Monks and Samurai with lots of guns
SEA Elves: Hight elve Colonies as unique Faction
Kuresh lizards or snake like people
Orge Kingdoms
Chaos Dwarfs


  • BroneslavBroneslav Registered Users Posts: 9
    I agree with most of the ideas. But I strongly disagree that there should not be large cities in Warhammer 3. In previous games in the Total war series, there were large cities and siege battles played great in them. For that matter, you can increase the size of the map and not decrease the city.

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