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Need tips playing against Argwylon, especially Zoats

adjungadjung Registered Users Posts: 358
How can I win against Durthu, treemen and his Zoats and the occasional hero spam? So basically, which Empire units are good against single entities, and which wizards/characters do you suggest?

My current army consists of 1-2 warrior priests, 1-2 fire wizards, 3-4 steam tanks, a mix of halberdiers and musketeers, 4-5 Helstorm Rocket Batteries and a Helblaster Volley Gun. I was mostly preparing for infantry spam, but I feel like swapping Rocket Batteries for more Helblaster Volley Guns won't do the trick. Also, demigryph cavalry, which I tried before, is annoyingly squishy on vh/vh.

Constructive ideas are greatly appreciated.

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  • NikolabracNikolabrac Registered Users Posts: 709
    Halberds, guns and cannons
  • Ferestor#5771Ferestor#5771 Registered Users Posts: 1,313
    Some strong units to pin the monsters and then handguns.

    Fire magic against the treemen works also.

    Also like Nikolabrac said cannons help a lot against treemen.
  • Slayer_Yannir#8069Slayer_Yannir#8069 Registered Users Posts: 2,352
    I'd say Luminarks. They do both Fire and Magic damage IIRC so they'll get around Treemens Phys Resistance and exploit their weakness to fire.
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  • MightfoMightfo Registered Users Posts: 201
    By the way, this is a bit off topic, but what turn is it in your campaign? How many treemen/zoats does durthu have per army generally?
  • ChoraChora Registered Users Posts: 872
    edited March 2021
    It’s true that caV is squishy, but if they weren’t they’d probably be too strong. Why take durable slow troops when you can take durable fast.

    WE are tricky because it depends on there archer presence, but you only mentioned trees and Zoats so assuming the archers aren’t too bad the cav can still be useful.

    You didn’t mention enemy cav so assuming yours is the fastest out there, you can use your own before the main engagement starts to spread their army out. Run around the back and let them some of their stronger units peel off to fight, but just back off and drag them out. Do that a couple times At different spots and they’ll come trickling in instead of a solid line. I’d probably just take a couple of the rifles on horse back for that though, maybe one Demi to help fight if they’re getting caught and killed. Just remember the goaL isn’t to fight them with the cav, just spread out their forces so your artillery has more time
  • peabodyestate#9505peabodyestate#9505 Registered Users Posts: 1,570
    For me Empire starts with Greatswords, artillery, and 2 units of reiksguard. The Reiksguard are the only ones i will generally micro. Whilst i consider this is more for an infantry intensive army - i would stick to the same fotrumla and just bang in a load of cannons.

  • Jman5#8318Jman5#8318 Registered Users Posts: 2,048
    Ironically, fire wizard might not be the best choice against Durthu because he has techs and skills that each boost fire resist.

    Your build is very range-heavy. Range-heavy builds either work spectacularly well, or they get run over. Durthu and Wood elves in general just have a ton of anti-missile defenses that are either inherent or they pick up through various buffs. Add to the fact that maps in Wood Elf territory is heavily forested, it's not the best place for a range-heavy army.

    I would bring along the Troll Cleaver item you get from Ostermark to give you that +32 bonus vs large AoE ability. As for units, I would just have more melee infantry and a couple demigryphs with halberds. Yes, they still lose against VH zoats, but combined with spell/ability buffs, you can win that match up. Then sprinkle a few ranged units to counter-fire their skirmishers.
  • adjungadjung Registered Users Posts: 358
    edited March 2021
    Thanks for your tips and thoughts, my dudes. It is very appreciated! I will make sure to note down the changes to my army and share it as soon as I find the time (it is a coop campaign (Reikland/Karaz-a-Karak), I think turn 154 or something, and Archaeon plus 8 stacks just spawned, so Argwylon will have to wait a bit).
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    Forward onto Slaughter.
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