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Clan Eshin Warpstone Reactor Unavailable in Fortress of Vorag

CHR15CHR15 Registered Users Posts: 8
Clan Eshin is unable to build the warpstone reactor tree in the Fortress of Vorag. I have not tested it with other skaven factions. I am playing on v1.11.0 but it has been happening since v1.10.2.


  • CHR15CHR15 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. start clan eshin campaign
    2. capture fortress of vorag
    3. weep
  • Xerxes52Xerxes52 Registered Users Posts: 775
    edited March 22
    Indeed. The Fortress of Vorag is missing a few building superchains from several different factions.

    Also I want to add that the Desolation of Darkenmoor doesn't have walls. I forget exactly where I read it from, but apparently somebody found that the settlement is set up as a norscan settlement in the startpos.esf file when it should be a regular settlement (not 100% sure on this reasoning, but I've never dug into the startpos.esf file). Also, it's been stated elsewhere in the forums but Konquata is missing it's main settlement building chain for certain factions, such as Norsca and Bretonnia.
  • CHR15CHR15 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Idk if CA fixed it or the mod did, but I subscribed to a community bugfix mod and it works again!

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