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A guide to the guides (Empire: Total War)

SystemSystem Posts: 7,062
edited March 2014 in Empire: Total War
This is a collection of community guides related to Empire: Total War as collated by our good friend Kurkistan.

Empire: Total War Strategy Guide

Spraetter's guide to Empire: Total War

Necronox's guide to Empire: Total War

A quick guide to the Warpath campaign -mmurray821

All nations list -TheDiplomat090

General campaign guides

Grand Poobah's guide to the "ministers" tab

About the economics -Thamis

DarkSideHome's economy guide to Empire: Total War

The skinny on raiding your enemies trade routes -Senor Davis

KC's method on obtaining protectorates

Empire Total Guide by Firewind

Faction Specific campaign guides

Spraetter's guide to Sweden

Guide to Ottoman Campaign by GSC and DarkSideHome

Nickstone08's guide to Great Britain!

KingGeorgeIV's guide to Great Britain

Loliver's Guide to Poland-Lithuania

General Battle guides

Le FUSIL Guide for Empire v1.6

Defending in multiple situations for novice to intermediate players -Losveratos

Gravy's guide to naval strategies.

LSD's In-Depth Guide to Naval Battles
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