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Help! My forum Username was changed by someone else!

Lucky_JimLucky_Jim Registered Users Posts: 14
My username in this forum was changed to this "Luck_Jim". This was not my doing. And this username is nothing alike to any username I ever used in the last decade in any account. And I can find no notification about when the username was changed and why it was changed if it was changed by the forum's manager.

Just submitted a support request in SEGA support page, though not sure if that's the right one to contact with.

It's so wierd. The username can't be changed by the forum's user-end the last time I check. So, even it was my forum account got hacked, the hacker still couldn't do such prank anyway.


  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 39,622
    Did it breach any of the forum rules on usernames? If so that may be why it was changed. SEGA Support should be able to change it to another one that follows the guidelines.

    5 — Account Guidelines
    You may only have one account, and your forum name must be legible, easily mentionable, and safe-for-work (SFW). This means that names should not contain digits only, characters that cannot be easily typed on the US-Intl layout, excessive use of symbols, etc. Do not impersonate any other user that is not you. This includes moderators, famous personalities, CA staff, content creators, other players, and so on.

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  • Lucky_JimLucky_Jim Registered Users Posts: 14

    Did it breach any of the forum rules on usernames?
    This means that names should not contain digits only

    Thank you for the hint, BillyRuffian.
    My original username was digits only, so indeed it breached the forum rule on username.
    Pitty that it's a number I've been using as username in many other game related forum as well for so many years. But this rule here seems to be reasonable and logical. Would be better if the website could generate a notification telling me what happened. But it's my fault for not noticing the naming rule anyway.

    Thank you again for solving the puzzle!
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