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Units not loading in during multiplayer battles (Co-op&Multiplayer)

WillgilbWillgilb Registered Users Posts: 1
Heya guys, so i have played TWW1 and TWW2 a fair bit now, i have played coop campaigns on TWW1 with multiple friends from start to finish with no issues both running full graphical settings with ultra unit sizes. i can join multiplayer battles i can host them all is fine and working as intended.

the issue arose when trying to start a TWW2 Coop campaign, while we are both running the same settings again (all high or ultra) when my friend gets into a fight and decides to fight on the battlefield all works fine i can spectate as usual or use a couple gifted units to give him a hand. But the same can not be said for me, upon starting a fight on the battlefield the map will load in with the "waiting for other players" timer, it will tick down for a while and then when my friend loads in it will restart from 299. at this point, nothing loads. i just get a map i can look around but no units load, if i hit the ESC key the HUD elements will appear (unit cards, portraits, speed settings) but then nothing, i can't even surrender or exit to windows. bare in mind this happens with regular multiplayer battles too, sometimes i can't even join the lobby, i make an army we start the game and boom "Waiting for other players" and it'll count down to 0 everytime with no change

after this we did some searching and found people with similar issues but without any fixes and various different iterations of the same issue. So i will try to give as much info as possible as to what we tried

re-installing from my HDD to my SSD, this seemed to improve loading but didn't work for battles

both using the directx12 beta, seemed promising at first but no dice.

both verified game cache (no files missing)

uninstalling ALL DLC (i have a lot of stuff he doesn't), and then reinstalling it

uninstalling DLC and leaving it uninstalled.

we then tried to do a battle involving just a lord and 2 infantry units on low settings.....this worked perfectly just like TWW1

we escalated it to 5 units, still fine. 8 units, not problem. 11? no dice it appears that i can only play battle when the units on screen are below a certain number

that is about all i can recall currently, i should also mention we tried different settings like 5 units each both on ultra and again worked perfectly fine so i don't know if it is graphical. someone suggested posting on their forums but as i said i keep seeing this question get answered but it seems CA actively avoid answering. i should mention i am using a Uni internet so i can't really change the settings but as i said it all worked perfectly for TWW1 and i don't see why they are so different


  • BATMOPBATMOP Registered Users Posts: 21
    Hi Willgib,

    I've experience the exact same issue as yourself, including being able to play with only a small amount of units.

    I too was able to play TWW1 fine with large armies.

    I can suggest to contact Sega as a start, they can suggest some firewall tweaks etc,

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to fix my game and stopped playing
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