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Sticky cleanup means next DLC is near or just going to have a heap of game 3 content incoming?

DaBoyzAreBackInTownDaBoyzAreBackInTown Registered Users Posts: 647
When do yall think the next DLC will come? Game 3 is nice and all but it is still a fair way off and a balance patch is badly needed imo. Be great to finally get the Bray-herds ripping heads and taking tributes as well.
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  • DaBoyzAreBackInTownDaBoyzAreBackInTown Registered Users Posts: 647
    Also please forgive the unintentional innuendo in the title.
    Pre-Covid Forum Account: Orklads
    Discord/Steam Name: Glorious Feeder
  • FungusHoundFungusHound Registered Users Posts: 5,596
    We are apparently about to kick it into overdrive with Warhammer news
  • BonutzBonutz Registered Users Posts: 4,205

    Warhammer 3 news in May.

    DLC news in June.
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  • AmonkhetAmonkhet Registered Users Posts: 5,993
    It begins, after 3000 years.
    Albion would make the perfect Total War Warhammer 3 pre-order; with Hengus the Druid and Bran MacKerog as Legendary Lords.
  • ALHDONALHDON EstaliaRegistered Users Posts: 535
    oh boy its sticky alright 😩😩
    Warhammer 3 = Pogu Content
  • NeodeinosNeodeinos Registered Users Posts: 10,561
    We already know we won't get DLC news before June.

  • Xerxes52Xerxes52 Registered Users Posts: 730
    Bonutz said:


    Warhammer 3 news in May.

    DLC news in June.

    Indeed. It's probably going to be some time before we get news on WH2's next DLC. We just have to be patient.
  • YurisusukiYurisusuki Somewhere in LustriaRegistered Users Posts: 282
    edited May 12
    I hope for news more often from now on, also look to this

    I look on anothers youtubers and all contain the "Coming Soon", but the trailer on the official page dont have this.
  • John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Registered Users Posts: 1,025
    Heap of Game 3 Content in May im pretty sure. We will probably get full roster reveals for Kislev and Khorne, LLs reveals, gameplay and possibly faction mechanics and campaign gameplay.
    On youtube, Indypride who has early access, specifically says that there's a lot coming in the next dayS and weeks. So its obviously not just going to be todays quest battle showcase.
  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 22,429
    WH3 news.
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