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Throt has loyalty tracking after confederating with Clan Moulder as another Skaven faction

acrazydutchmanacrazydutchman Registered Users Posts: 2
Build number: v1.10.0

After confederating Clan Moulder in Mortal Empires, Throt the Unclean still tracks loyalty as if he were a non-unique Skaven Lord. Other Skaven Legendary Lords, such as Queek Headtaker, do not have this issue when confederating their respective factions. This leads to scenarios where Throt the Unclean can defect to form a separatists faction. This was tested as Clan Skryre in Mortal Empires.

Reproduction steps:
-Play a Skaven faction besides Clan Moulder
-Encounter Clan Moulder and build diplomatic relations until confederation is possible
-After confederation with Clan Moulder, recruit Throt the Unclean if he is not currently on the map

Save file:
I have attached both the manual save of the bug (turn 56) and the auto save prior (turn 55).

This file is attached as well


  • ThomasLidstromThomasLidstrom Registered Users Posts: 38
    When playing as Ikit I confederation Throt. Some turns later I got a Skaven loyalty dilemma for Throt.
    No loyalty value is shown. My game later crashed, not sure why. No mods where used.
  • MarvelNPMarvelNP Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same problem as he even defected from my faction and i cant recruit him any more
  • KennyannydennyKennyannydenny Registered Users Posts: 32
    edited May 16
    Can confirm this is still in the newest build. The AI has the same problem after confederating with him. Tretch confederated him in my Vortex campaign, and when I confederated Tretch, I got Throt too, but on dangerously low loyalty. Please fix this CA!
  • gnaibafgnaibaf Registered Users Posts: 1
    September 2021 - This bug is still a thing. Playing as Clan Mors I confederated Throt and he has 6 loyality. We can soon celebrate the 1 year anniversary of this easy-to-fix bug, good job CA.

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