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And so it begins - The LLs



  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 29,753
    My main concern is that they're good.
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  • sasori1548sasori1548 Registered Users Posts: 436
    My Dream List:

    Cathay: Dragon emperor + Tzeench Cultist Sorcerer LL

    Khorne: Skarbrand (i feel like they would have shown skarbrand by now if he was the LL so skulltaker feels more likely)

    Nurgle: Ku'gath

    Tzeench: Kairos fateweaver (God please let it be kairos)

    Slannesh: N'kari (he was hinted too many times)

    Secret LL: Be'lakor the dark master leading DoC or WoC with access to only Daemon units (it could go either way)

    Pre-order: Legions of Nagash: Nagash+ Drachenfells (or maybe CHORFS but nagash is way more likely)

    WH2 last DLC: Moonclaw vs Tette'ekko (with taurox FLC)
  • uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 4,440
    Maybe this time people will not complain about Cathay LL for a faction that was never playable , one man can dream

    About "rage" I don't want to launch a fierce debate but by their very definition, almost all Khorne themed character are quite the same. Their past differ but their current skills and motivations are obviously in the same range (being good at killing stuff and ever wanting killing more stuff). Skarbrand gets the specific spot as having betrayed the god himself and being punished. So yeah no real leader material but I dunno if that's an out for TW.
  • Nihil515Nihil515 Registered Users Posts: 153
  • redknight83redknight83 Registered Users Posts: 448

    I think Kislev was going to be the only one where the 2nd LL was either going to be from obscure Old Lore or Entirely Original.

    So here are my guesses.

    Kislev - Katarin and Not Rasputin

    Cathay - Dragon Emperor and Monkey King

    Khorne - Skarrbrand

    Slaanesh - N'kari

    Nurgle - Ku'gath Plaguefather

    Tzeentch - Kairos Fatewaver

    Undivided - Be'lakor

    Pre-Order Race Option #1 = Chaos Dwarfs

    Astragoth Ironhand
    Drazhoath the Ashen
    Ghorth the Cruel
    Zhatan the Black

    Pre-Order Race Option#2 = Ogre Kingdoms

    Greasus Goldtooth
    Golgfag Maneater
    Bragg the Gutsman
    Skrag the Slaughterer

    Pre-Order Race Option#2 = Kurgan Tribes

    Vardek Crom the Conqueror
    Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord

    If they get 4 LLs also:

    Kayzk the Befauled
    Sayl the Faithless

    I find it hilarious that people think that the pre-order race can have 4LL. This is why people should never have been pushing for Chaos Dwarfs or Ogre Kingdoms as pre-order. If one of those two race packs is the pre-order it will only have have 2 or 3 LL (Warriors of Chaos and Norsca). Then their will be a massive meltdown.

    This is because pre-order race packs simply do not have budget to create 4LL and full roster like the Tomb Kings campaign pack. For example in my country the UK, Norsca(2LL) cost £7.99 where as Tomb Kings(4LL) cost £14.99. If they gave us a £14.99 race pack for free I would fall off my chair.
  • BonutzBonutz Registered Users Posts: 4,581
    Nihil515 said:

    Remember Me.

    I like where your head's at.
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  • MaelasMaelas Registered Users Posts: 4,712
    Nihil515 said:

    Remember Me.

    I like it all, except that no Kairos is folly !
    I believe in Slaanesh supremacy
  • Commissar_GCommissar_G Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 14,581
    There's a 99.9% chance the Slaanesh lord is N'Kari.

  • UberReptilianUberReptilian The Crystal LabyrinthRegistered Users Posts: 4,893

    There's a 99.9% chance the Slaanesh lord is N'Kari.

    I feel this way about all 4 Greater Daemon characters for Monos. Besides Kairos, their all variants of existing Lords and thus easier to make then a Valkia or Vilitch.
  • WyvaxWyvax Registered Users Posts: 4,934
    Skarbrand, Kairos, Ku'gath and N'kari for Chaos rosters, plus Be'lakor leading the proper Daemons of Chaos roster.

    About a 75% chance for the Monkey King based on that hint. 25% chance for another curveball like Konstaltyn.

    I think they'll do a Nagash "Undead Legions" race for pre-order, though I'm ambivalent on the concept. The undead under edgy Skeletor is the only legitimate threat to both the forces of order and Chaos, and as a pre-order will be in on launch and interacting with the base game factions, thereby providing a third side in the main conflict for WH3. Nagash and Drachenfels are the only mandatory LLs for the race, which lines up with the 2 limit race pack fears. In addition, much like Norsca, most of the "Undead Legions" roster will be reskins and remodels anyway, with all the Charlemagnes being devoted to the two LLs, Morghasts, Dread Abyssals and possibly Incarnate Elementals of Death. Plus all those hints towards them in WH2 wouldn't make sense if they were hinting DLC after WH3's launch since N'kari is also heavily hinted and is 99% guaranteed for launch.

    Doing either Ogre Kingdoms or Chaos Dwarfs as pre-order would be a massive disappointment and a poor use of resources (in the game industry pre-orders are created using part of the marketing budget, not dev budget so have less funding). While the Hobgoblins could be a pre-order I think they'd have less attraction as Nagash and better serve as a Vampire Coast 'dark horse' pick for a campaign pack down the line especially since they have major ties to the Chaos Dwarfs which is bound to factor into their campaigns, so the Dawi Zharr needs inclusion first. Same logic also applies to the Dogs of War but in relation to the Ogre Kingdoms and many others; both also have at least 4 valid LL choices.
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  • MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,890
    Cathay: Doragon no Enperaa is guaranteed... at least in my wishful head.

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