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In WH3 will the factions continue to have to rites like in WH2?

redknight83redknight83 Registered Users Posts: 496
As mentioned in the title I was wondering in WH3 if they will continue to have the rites, as they had it for the races in WH2 but not WH1.

If they apply rites Kislev, Cathay and especially the Chaos Daemons I think they could come up with some really interesting ones.

I was thinking about this time in the lore when Katarin creates a blizzard to stop Grimgor Ironhide coming to attack Kislev. So I expect it could be one of those rites that covers your entire territory in a blizzard, slowing the enemy on the campaign map and causing attrition.


  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,002
    They might. Surely the example you give would be a fun little thing to have access to.
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  • Sir_GodspeedSir_Godspeed Registered Users Posts: 3,599
    CA stated earlier that they viewed Rites as a unique thing for WH2 races, however this was in reference to being asked if Rites would be back-ported to WH1 races, so I don't think we can assume either way for WH3.
  • Jam#4399Jam#4399 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 13,067
    W3 might have new mechanic
  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 1,679
    That's certainly an interesting question. So far they've said it's exclusive to WH2 factions, but that was mostly when talking about WH1 factions not getting them. As 2 was the magic themed one, I could see the WH3 races some equivalent that's still somewhat different from the rite system.
  • EmeraldThanatos#7267EmeraldThanatos#7267 Registered Users Posts: 2,927
    Maybe, or they might get something new entirely. We know literally nothing about the campaign yet.
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  • AnnoyedOneEyedGuyAnnoyedOneEyedGuy Registered Users Posts: 2,484
    we'll have to wait and see in future gameplay reveals
  • doclumbago#6250doclumbago#6250 Registered Users Posts: 2,509
    I guess WH3 will have new faction-mechanics and hopefully
    all the other races will be brought up to speed for Immortal Empires
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