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Read before posting!

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Step 1 - Check first!

Search the help stickies and the support section as your issue may be common.
Remember, the forum is moderated by volunteers (see Sega support; http://help.sega.com/?group=default&t=EnglishUK) and there are limitations to our response time.
Abusive posts/threads will be removed on sight.

There's more general FAQs here.

Step 2 - Am I in the right place?

Please post your issue in the correct board.
If your question relates to game mods, cinematic editor etc post in the modding boards instead.

If your question is technical, post in the proper subforum. This board is not for gameplay help or cheats.
Please do not post complaints or rants here. Your thread will be closed or moved or you may receive a ban.
Do not create multiple threads, do not post the same threads in multiple forums without providing a link to the old one.

Step 3 - What to include when posting

If your problem is technical, make sure to include a DirectXDiagnostics report (copy the ENTIRE text file contents). Make sure you meet the minimum requirements as well.
Describe your problem as clearly as possible. If it is a visual issue, provide a screenshot if you can. Post dxdiags in spoiler tags.

If you can, explain what you've already tried to resolve the issue (eg what video card drivers have to tried, what have you updated recently?).

Please don't post your DXDiag in another persons thread with asking first, as it makes it more difficult to troubleshoot, it may be removed.

Please make sure all your system drivers are up to date (Chipset, Video & Sound), as we'll just ask you to update them before proceeding troubleshooting, you can save a lot of time doing this before you post.
Some NVIDIA and even ATI series cards have issues with certain drivers, you may need to use older drivers in few cases.

It's highly recommend you get the latest Service Pack for your operating system, and go to Windows Update and obtain all critical updates.
Remember you should always get the latest drivers from the hardware manufacturers website and not let Windows updates your drivers as they are rarely the latest ones.

If you believe you have found a bug or error, you can create a thread to report the issue, but be careful it's not already posted in a bug thread.

Sega support have the best support for specific issues relating to CD-Keys and manufacturing defects.
Sega support handle official technical support for the game, The Creative Assembly do not, these are community moderated boards.
Please contact Valve Steam support for Steam software and account issues (available in most territories).

Any discussion or promotion of piracy including torrenting [illegal] software, modified game executables and sharing game data is prohibited on these boards and will result in a permanent ban in most cases.

Who we are

Don't forget, the people helping you are volunteers and members of this community, please be respectful. Please keep in mind that these forums are not directly supported by The Creative Assembly. The Creative Assembly does not handle support issues directly. The publisher, Sega, officially handles support for the game.

Please respect all advice given to you by members and moderators, we all do our best in our free time to help others, as we are volunteers.

Vulgar behaviour, CA bashing etc will result in a ban.
Should you have a personal issue with someone please use the private messaging function.

If you are unable to find a solution to your problem here, please contact the official support services.
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    Step 4. Posting a dxdiag

    DirectX Diagnostics (DXDiag in short)
    {Windows XP}
    DirectX comes with its own diagnostics utility, called DXDiag.exe. Here's how to use that utility:
    1) Click Start
    2) Click Run
    3) Enter in the Open field : dxdiag
    4) Hit Enter or click OK

    Alternatively you can open up Run by holding the Windows key and hitting R

    The DXDiag panel opens. It has tabs for a number of details on your PC. Above you see DxDiag opened on the display tab.
    Notice the 'Save All Information' button at the bottom. Clicking this button will save all dxdiag information into a text file. Once you have saved all the information, open the file and copy all contents of it into the post in which you explain your problem.
    Do NOT remove any part of the dxdiag text.

    {Windows Vista/7 Users)
    The run command does not appear in the Start menu by default, you can enable it by right clicking on Start and going to properties then customizing what appears on the Start menu. You can also get rid of useless functions you don't use to clean the Start menu up if you'd like.
    Alternatively you can open up Run by holding the Windows key and hitting R
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