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Genuine Greenskins balance suggestions



  • RawSugarRawSugar Registered Users Posts: 1,642
    User_Clue said:

    RawSugar said:

    RawSugar said:

    Theo91 said:

    I’m not sure what the argument is against price nerfs (if required). Everything can be balanced through price


    What's the correct price of a unit that could one-shot half a dozen other units from across the map with unfailing accuracy? Only one correct answer, too expensive to be fielded ever. So that's practically minus one unit for a race. Does that sound like a good solution? Much better to just not have it one-shot half a dozen units from across the map with unfailing accuracy by nerfing that ability.
    I'd say you're confusing good/bad design with balanced design. you absolutely can balance a unit like that via cost its just really **** design that isnt fun or interesting for anyone. Anyway that scenario is closer to a unit like hawkriders that have generally small upside and next to no counters, it doesnt really apply to any of the GS units that all have counters and/or conditions for being effective. Anyway cost can balance anything, balance just isnt the only concern in gamedesign
    What's the correct price for a unit that one-shots half a dozen other units from across the map?
    base cost of body+average price of units annihilated, or 100% the price of the faction where it doe the highest average damage. I assumed you meant as a 1 time ability though, if you mean as a repeatable ability ie a unit that will always win the battle on its own with no counter then yeah sure you can make a unit where price is higher than available funds. you can still find a balanced price for the unit though. even if that price is infinite depending on ROF etc
    If ROF is low enough its possible to reach and kill it before it reaches 20 units balancedcost might be 10K-12K though. again. worst gamedesign imaginable but possible to balance.
    Ok, to be fair, if you're pricing a unit to the point it can't be used in multiplayer, then you didn't balance it with cost, you balanced it by not letting anyone take it. That basically admitting you were unable to balance it with cost alone. It was so unbalanced that you had to remove it. If that's how you balance the unit then you might as well only make it available in custom games like they do with campaign units.

    Obviously these are both ludicrous extremes. Units that cost infinite points or one shot armies don't exist and wont exist. However, some units can still have their cost increased to a point were they are no longer are able to synergize with a roster's design or play style. this would cause a unit to become worthless for the sake of making it a fair price. In that case it would have been better to adjust the unit itself.
    ludicrous extremes indeed, and a ludicrous discussion, and i disagree, first the unit is balanced it just costs more than the available funds and second as long as the unit is within available funds it can be balanced (and affordable) via cost. That just might not be the way to go if you want good gameplay, for one such high cost suggest the counters are limited which isnt great gameplay
  • Triumph4meTriumph4me Registered Users Posts: 115
    They can increase the cost of all their units by 100 and they would still dominate the MP with ease.
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