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Wood Elves in WH3 - 2nd LP/5th & 6th lords



  • Kiwi123Kiwi123 Registered Users Posts: 634
    lucibuis said:

    I’m sorry but Alisara doesn’t make sense, she’s a lore character and she’s considered dead.

    Marrisith could work though, creating a faction in laurelorn.

    But the obvious choices are:

    Araloth with
    Shadowdancer hero
    Meadow chariot
    Arrow variants
    LH can be any of the older characters

    Naieth (she’s only in vortex) with
    Lore of Athel Loren Mages
    All lores mages
    Incarnate of beasts
    Venom dragons

    Amadri (also lore only but a tree kin lord is something new) with
    Adhanu LH
    Pack master hero
    Unicorn herds

    Oh damn. Lucibuis' back.
    o7 Luci, welcome back.
    Where have you been hiding?
  • FonRestorffFonRestorff Registered Users Posts: 521
    Interesting thread. I think a flc lord + some unit variant or hero is what we can hope for down the line.
  • TheTrue_LordAndy#1434TheTrue_LordAndy#1434 Registered Users Posts: 1,004
    I have a feeling that CA considers the woodelves complete. Almost all characters appear in some form such as Daith through the sisters mechanic and Ariel as a hero.
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