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Will you add DLC or more content to the game?

darkplasmaraydarkplasmaray Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi, I recently got thrones of brittannia, as I usually wait a year or two before buying total war games until they go on sale. The game is fun, I enjoy it :) It has fun sieges and I love the theme. You should add DLC to the game and update it. There's so much room to work with for DLC's. You could add the norman invasion of 1066 and the normans. You could go back in time to 500ad when the saxons invaded england, and the celts defended it.

I know the game was updated for a bit, and then left, probably due to low sales. However I still think you could profit from making DLC's for this game, as you have a followers to this game, plus adding DLC's including this extra themes/times, such as the normans and celtics vs saxons, would probably interest more people in the game that don't already have it.

I feel like this will probably fall on deaf ears, but I wanted to at least feel like I had tried to ask for more content, as I enjoy this game, i enjoy the time period, I enjoy the theme, and I would like to see more of it. Thank you for reading :smile:


  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 53
    You may like the game but for a lot of people (including me) this is the biggest failure of total war history. Game reviews are not good and sales are low as you said.

    Considering the success of fantasy concept with warhammer series and the expectations of long neglected historical community such as medieval 3, rennaissance, empire 2, victorian and so on so forth, a campaign pack for a game that is one of the least liked and least played amongst the total war series doesn't seem very profitable for CA.

    Also Norman invasion already happens in the game.
  • darkplasmaraydarkplasmaray Registered Users Posts: 2
    Oh it does? I didn't know that, I read somewhere that there was no norman invasion. Me personally I think it's a great game, it could improve on things though, such as the power to grant land to your vassals (like if you help them repel invaders and take their farms) or the ability to request/demand land. That and a tutorial campaign so people who are lost can learn the game better. I don't know where all the hate for this game comes from though, I don't understand why people don't like it. It's fun, the sieges are full sieges 360 degrees, units dont spiderclimb up walls. You have shield walls and different arrow types, cavalry formations... I just don't understand why people don't like it.
  • FornachiariFornachiari Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 34
    Sadly one of the underrated Total War. Much of the criticism is reduced to a small variety of troops and being very limited to a specific place. And the above is a complaint from Warhammer players. Youtuber Hugothester speaks of ToB as one of the best when it comes to battles and sieges. It really is a good game, but very limited and with excellent mechanics. But money and the headless mass is the boss, not sanity.
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,138
    Doesn't help it or add any value to the game. It's in effect different games in the same area but limited on the tech it can use.
  • YalenYalen Registered Users Posts: 8
    You might want to try out mods like Conquest: 1066 Campaign for ToB
  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 937
    edited July 2021

    Much of the criticism is reduced to a small variety of troops and being very limited to a specific place. And the above is a complaint from Warhammer players. Youtuber Hugothester....

    Well, it is unfair to blame Warhammer fans for this, they simply do not interest in ToB, and do not comment it..

    ToB failed to engage those non-warhammer players - the older TW players from previous games. The main argument was, that ToB should be campaign DLC for TW Attila, and ToB brings nothing new, because of Atila's DLCs "Age of Charlemagne" and "Viking Grandfathers"; also many players struggled with inner faction management

    multiple Youtubers with solid followerers base were very critical towards ToB
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  • Vin362#6699Vin362#6699 Registered Users Posts: 1,502
    After nearly 3 years I do not expect any DLC for this game outside of the blood and gore graphics pack that has become a standard.
    Supporter of Shu-Han, I wish Total War Three Kingdoms had a Three Kingdoms start date, rider of Kislev, admiral of The Awakened and Elector Count of Shu-Han
  • PERICLES1789PERICLES1789 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 151
    As far as I'm concerned, and being very subjective, it's a very enjoyable game. The attacks on cities were particularly successful, and the shield walls of the time were well transcribed. I decided to go back by increasing the level of difficulty. What is good compared to Rome 2 for example is that there can be real garrisons in the cities without stationing an army. This helps to change the face of the game.
    But I think there will not be any more DLC.
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