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WorrierWorrier Junior MemberPosts: 24Registered Users
edited March 2012 in Empire: Total War
Is there any way to unlock the fougasse?

If so how do you use it?

Thank you
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  • LSDLSD Senior Member Posts: 861Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    Only light infantry can deploy them, and they're only available during "dug in" deployment, i.e., when your army has been stationary for 2 or more turns.
    Normal light infantry (excluding rangers and native light infantry) can deploy a fougasse during this time.
    Elite light infantry, such as the Green Jackets, Ferguson Riflemen and the early game Fraser's Rangers can deploy the "advanced" fougasse, which is much more explosive.
    They detonate when enemy soldiers cross the red "beam"-like thing infront of them.
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  • WorrierWorrier Junior Member Posts: 24Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    Ohh right, thanks, but can my light infantry use it straight away or do I need a certain technology?
  • DenmarkRulesDenmarkRules Senior Member Behind you :OPosts: 3,192Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    They can use it straight away under the conditions LSD mentioned.
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