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[BUG] Ka-Sabar siege map walls cannot move troops

RoksoRokso Registered Users Posts: 41
edited May 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Units cannot be moved and set correctly on the Ka-Sabar siege map (Tomb Kings Theme) once the battle starts.
In the pre-battle its fine for all tower levels. Units can be set on the walls as expected.

This issue is present on walls levels: 2, 3, 4
Level 1 walls are fine and troops can be moved correctly during battle

To reproduce play as defenders (affects attackers too but defenders is faster to setup) on Ka-Sabar Siege.
Start with units off the walls and start battle.
The units will still sometimes climb the walls but the player cannot set any formations properly.
This also affects the AI being unable to send any troops to the walls past initial deployment.
The bug is global and affects all units from all factions.

I hope this can be fixed before the new DLC patch.
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