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CA plz Cold One Dread Knights

SlekeeySlekeey Registered Users Posts: 22
a lot was said here about the poor dread knights but they are still not in good shape

the problem is they are similar to normal cold one knights with a difference of higher cost and lack of AL bonus which makes them not worth picking. dread knights are only good in DE vs DWF matchup because you 100% know there will be no large targets for them. in all other matchups there is chance of large so normal knights are more cost efficient

plz they deserve some love I think. Very cool unit, great concept, would be happy using them more still no reason to do so balance-wise


  • BastileanBastilean Registered Users Posts: 2,730
    edited July 2021
    Looks like the Wargor's mace does anti-infantry. CA could extend that to Dread Knights +8 AI would go a long way here
  • RawSugarRawSugar Registered Users Posts: 1,642
    Its really lazy to bring up an issue and not come up with any suggestion

    the two units are already balanced at what they do, the higher armor matters a lot, if you want to use them for anything other than fighting large dread knights are MUCH better, more so if its nonAP. Giving them AI would further differentiate the units but not actually make dread knights better. I dont really think there is an issue to fix, as such. if you want a generalist strong at fighting nonAP infantry then dread knights are your choice and their stats are strong for that role, if you never use them its because you dont actually want that kind of cavalry and then the only fix would be to make them AL as well which doesnt seem a good idea.

    One thing you could do tho, would be to make dread knights nonAP but give them like +50% damage - or -250 cost. then they'd be chaff killers which might be more useful than the generalists they are now
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