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AOE change is making other magic irrelevant

Black_PhillipBlack_Phillip Registered Users Posts: 792
It's all Soul Stealer, Flock of Doom, and Final Transmutation now. They need to revert the way AOE's operate back to the way it was. It's way too strong.


  • ShevaTsarShevaTsar Registered Users Posts: 605
    edited July 14
    Oh look at that, another not thought through decision, what a surprise. It's almost like in the same patch, OP factions received massive buffs, bottom factions either got nerfs or were left untouched, and couple patches ago changes like poison or no minimal cast distance were made.
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  • The AoE changes are a bug, not a design decision, and we are aiming to fix in the next patch (keeping in mind that development is always subject to change)
  • Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus Registered Users Posts: 243
    Thanks for the clarification!
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