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Tehenhauin finally starts with a skinks barracks, but only in Mortal Empires

ITA_Vae_VictisITA_Vae_Victis Senior MemberItalyRegistered Users Posts: 1,990

God knows why they didn't do it for Vortex as well.

Nakai on the other hand seems even more SOL than before. From what I could gather CA messed up his horde buildings, and the end result is that even if his personal building tree was updated at least to some extent, if you get a second Lord their buildings are still the ones pre-patch - which means that not only the mini-rework with the new recruitment tiers didn't translate to them, but you can't even recruit the new DLC units AT ALL with other Lords of his faction.


  • twohundredandonetwohundredandone Registered Users Posts: 76
    That's cool, a lot of people wanted the skink building so hopefully this makes everyone happy. Tbh I can understand why they wouldn't make the change earlier (or not in the vortex) - the skink building only goes up to tier 3 so it'll get replaced later. Still it makes sense thematically, and giving potentially new players the ability to recruit saurus instead of skinks at the start seems odd.

    Sucks Nakai wasn't properly updated, I made a posted the bug (https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/294365/nakai-skink-oracle-capacity-bug/p1?new=1) so hopefully that gets addressed soon and the updated Nakai campaign is available.
  • SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 571
    They continue to do my boy dirty. I have been waiting for them to change his starting building in vortex for like 2 years now.


    Just let me Chad-Moses skink already CA.
  • Fan3982173917524862Fan3982173917524862 Registered Users Posts: 1,582
    Nakai is a joke and abandoned at this point. They still haven't fixed how you can't recruit units if he is wounded, no wonder they didn't update the regular lord recruitment buildings.
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