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Blessed Holy War skill is crazy OP - edited, CA said this will be fixed

funkmonster7funkmonster7 Registered Users Posts: 8
edited July 15 in Balancing Discussions
Blessed Holy War skill gives +10% to ALL CHARACTERS (heroes)??? And it's available at level 1??? And all generic Arch Lectors get that skill??? On top of that, all characters get +2 Untainted too??? Did you think this through?

I have a screenshot showing you Altdorf has 110 Untainted with only Karl Franz and 2-3 heroes standing around, sure it's an exploit but I don't think the AI is stupid enough that it can't even use this exploit to a certain extent that no one wants to play VC or any faction that thrives on corruption that isn't "Untainted". When the Empire Tide starts rolling and there are 10 Arch Lectors running about, do you think any player would enjoy getting hero action spammed?

At least, for goodness sake, limit the effect to just within the region or province. Not the whole map.

Also, Empire is gonna get blacklisted/banned in co-op head-to-head. Not that I play co-op head-to-head but I just want you to know this is beyond bizarre, I'm shocked as to how you even thought this is a good idea. +1 hero limit at level 1 was already OP enough, but this? This is game breaking, even if I'm the one playing as Empire.

Edit: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2547666498
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  • This skill is not intended to be available outside of Volkmar's unique skill line. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  • funkmonster7funkmonster7 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Oh, okay. Sorry about my tone, I was genuinely too shocked for words. Not that I could even imagine what happened in the game development process, I just assumed it was intended this way. My bad. I'm glad that this will be patched out quite soon. (It will be soon, right? This is game breaking imo.)
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