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Help me choose my first ever mod!!

zxambozxambo Junior MemberPosts: 6Registered Users
edited August 2012 in Total War Eras Mods!
Hey guys, ive been playing rome for a few years on and off(usually when my internet dies). Anyway ive been hearing about these mods to change stuff in game and would like to try.
So i need some advice from all you pro's out there... my pc runs rome no problem at all but it can't handle ME2 so i'd like to start with a small mod like maybe general improvements, especially if anything fix's the public order problem(pains me every time i need to exterminate my populace). Also been hearing vanilla mentioned alot is this a mod too??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated...thx:D
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  • Seleukos of OlympiaSeleukos of Olympia Senior Member Posts: 770Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    Hi, zxambo! 'Vanilla' is the term used for unmodded RTW, i.e. the game you're already playing. I got into mods same as you, with a small one that only changed some little things. It was called the Minimal Greek Mod, but it has since morphed into the Expanded Greek mod (XGM), which changes the game substantially. Still, it does so less than most other mods of that kind and tries to keep the vanilla feel, to some extent. I'd recommend it, provided you make sure to disable the AI bonuses (they make it REALLY hard on the player), otherwise it may come as a shock.
  • zxambozxambo Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    Ok so i have just installed the 'Extended Cultures' mod, thought i'd start with this then if i like it i'll progress to XGM. Have only had a quick look at the menu so far and am quite impressed already, AI bonuses are disabled and i'm ready to go, will post my first impressions later.
    Thanks for the advice Seleukos! ... and umm..sorry bout the daft - 'is vanilla a mod' question, i feel like such a noob!! :P
  • Seleukos of OlympiaSeleukos of Olympia Senior Member Posts: 770Registered Users
    edited November 2010
    Don't worry, I didn't know what vanilla was when I first signed up on the forums either! I thought it referred to the colour of Greek uniforms in the unmodded game...
  • ebechtebecht Junior Member Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited March 2012
    The best mod out there for R:TW is Europa Barbarorum. It is a totalconversion mod.
    It is as historically accurate as possible. Remember how units say things when you select or order them? In EB they do so in their native language. The map is much larger, there are more factions and units. Recruitment and government options are greatly varied. All in all, best R:TW mod out their.
  • LegioLegio Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited July 2012
    Ok, this is a total conversion, but I find it really east to install (easier then Roma surrectum 2 :eek:) it has zero turn recruitment (you can reciut up to ten units a turn) there are thrty different types of Roman legionaries, but my favouarate is the detail, more factions, units , and settlements, and all done with almost absouloote perfection, and there is a type of hoplite for every Greek city or cities that were Greek colonies!:)
    For the prize! :D
  • LegioLegio Junior Member Posts: 7Registered Users
    edited July 2012
    So in Europa barbarium do you get 0 turn recruitment?
    For the prize! :D
  • KarmineKarmine Senior Member Posts: 615Registered Users
    edited August 2012
    Do not install mods with larger map, it will be awesome for you, but the AI will not act so well. Have you ever seen AI cross great distance of water with army ?

    Some mods promise you a lot of things in their Change Logs, such as DarthMod promises improved AI, well I haven't seen the AI so messed up before.

    I was very unhappy when I had to uninstalla and then install Rome again to get rid of DarthMod.

    Insant recruitment queue is also fantastic for you, only you.

    The game lacks a mod that aim at making AI only better, without adding new units and regions, sure minor changing on Map would be great, such as one that Enables the AI to do Naval Invasion from Spain to North Africa or other way around and lets AI focus on Island cities also, how often do you see Crete to be owned by the AI ?
    My Current Rome : Total War Campaign.... check out those pictures xD
    I modded all Factions to Religious Smith in behavior... that is all that is modded.
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