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Please bring back Total War to GeForce Now

BaronR90BaronR90 Registered Users Posts: 33
I love your games and have been supporting you since Rome II, buying every DLC for Warhammer so far and cant wait for 3 to come out.
HOWEVER my pc is getting old and like many other cant afford an upgrade. Spending 10€ when I can would be so much help to me instead of spending my saving on hardware.
But your company would benefit too. People would experience your games at their best settings and it would even be easier to optimize them for Nvidia's hardware.
It would also reduce piracy among low income gamers as everyone using GeForce Now have to buy their copies on Steam.

I know as creators you want to have control over your product, but this would give you more control.
I can build whatever PC I want now and run your games on it and depending on how you optimized it my experience would wary.
On game-streaming services the hardware is identical and you can even develop for that in mind.

It is also clear that services like Google's stadia that try to lie and appear as a platform instead of a service are doomed to fail.
While you would receive some extra income from people who buy it on both Steam and Stadia the bigger market are gamers who cant afford big gaming PCs. Stadia would be too expensive for them too.

Total War is the perfect game for this service and you already had Three Kingdom up before taking it down.
Your games are beautiful and hardware intensive but mostly offline, single-player so don't don't need a good connection.

Please just contact Nvidia and opt in to allow you games on.


  • Franky91Franky91 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited July 2021
    I couldn't second this more.
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  • BaronelloBaronello Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited July 2021
    Yep, ain't upgrading my old i7-4930K 1080ti rig anymore since I tried GFN. I think WH3 will run alright on it, but I don't want an alright experience and I think I will park my PC at my parent's house forever anyway soon and travel the country with my notebook. So not buying anything anymore without stream service support.
    I have a local service that can start any steam game tho.
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  • Franky91Franky91 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Meanwhile, Humankind which will be also published by Sega has been approved for release on GFN as soon as it comes out. Is it too much for us as customers to be treated with a modicum of respect and be not exposed to such irrational behaviour?

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