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Bug in the twilight sisters questline

pashkaiipashkaii Registered Users Posts: 1
  • v1.12.0 Build;
  • In the compaign at the 12th level, the sister of twilight has activated a questline for me to obtain a dragon. However, after completing the first task, the following ones do not appear. I tried to remove the hero from the army so that the quest would not end immediately after acceptance, but that also did not help.
  • to reproduct the issue:
    1) load tmp.save;
    2) wait 1 turn.


  • wicket8115wicket8115 Member Registered Users Posts: 172
    v1.12.0 build
    no mods
    Attached save file end turn before questline fires

    I am having the same issue with my questline for Sisters of Twilight mortal empires campaign. The first quest triggers
    to embed a spellsinger into the army. The quest then completes since I have the hero in my army but I do not get the
    follow up.

    The next step is to move a character to venom glade if I am not mistaken and then the third step is to to take Clar Karond if I remember right. In my current campaign the Beastmen have a bloodground for both regions and I think this is causing the questline to fail from triggering. If that is the issue then this could affect any questline where you need to move a character to a region or capture a settlement.

    Hope this helps.

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