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Game crashes since last 6.4 MB update.

GBrothersPGBrothersP Registered Users Posts: 5
Basically my game keeps crashing when I'm in a mp lobby, it doesn't happen immediately it seems to happen randomly at certain time intervals. I've checked my hardware, verified cache integrity, uninstalled reinstalled, deleted the appdata folder even went as far as deleting some of the files from steam itself that contain data of the game. Interestingly it doesn't give a message of the game stopped working or anything similar, it just shuts itself down with no indication why. I haven't had issues like this until beginning of February I don't recall the exact date. If anyone knows a solution or possible fix that I haven't tried yet I would really appreciate a response.


  • DestroctorDestroctor Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited February 2021
    Hey, thats EXACTLY what's happening to me and i have no idea why, just like you i already tried everything possible and just keeps crashing. I already sent a ticket to support, just waiting to see if there's anything else i can do. If you find out anything tell me
  • vinskvinsk Registered Users Posts: 5
    Same problem here tried everything u mentioned and even reinstalled windows back a few days incase it was my windows or graphic driver update.
    only seem to crash in multiplayer lobbies,, usually at the time its full room and host is clicking start, but crashes randomly in lobbys aswell. got 3k hours on the game and never had these issues before
  • GBrothersPGBrothersP Registered Users Posts: 5
    so for the peeps that also have this problem, i've pretty much done everything in an attempt to fix it and i'm quite certain that this is CA their fault. There obviously is something wrong in their coding since last update and they didn't properly check it. However i did notice that you can actually play games however you can never open the chat. If you open it then you will crash in other words you can never play online battles against randoms anymore only friends.
  • DestroctorDestroctor Registered Users Posts: 9
    Dude, i'm trying so hard to contact a CA mod so they realize this a game problem and that they need to fix it, so many people on steam are having it... check my discussion with the links i posted, a lot of people are having this problem.
  • GBrothersPGBrothersP Registered Users Posts: 5
    ye i have 6 friends on steam with exactly the same problem, this is quite a big issue but i don't think CA will ever look at the old game forums anymore. Just no profit in it for them anymore.
  • DestroctorDestroctor Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited February 2021
    Yeah, thats sad, Rome 2 still has a lot of mp players

    Edit: Wow i didn't know about this chat thing you just said, i tried it just now and it worked, when i open the chat it crashes..., but still, this never happened before and its so tempting to open the chat
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  • OpasniOpasanko22OpasniOpasanko22 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Guys. Good evening. I'm having the same issue just like you but i can't fix it, i tried everything:
    List of troubleshooting SEGA recommended that has NOT worked for me:
    - Opt out of any betas and verify game cache (Wasn't in any betas)
    - Fresh install of latest NVIDIA drivers
    - Update Windows to 21h1
    - Play game from alternative admin account on local PC in case of 'software conflict'
    - sfc/scannow (even though some files were repaired the game still crashed nonetheless)
    - Uninstall every redistributal and reinstall the latest ones alongside the net framework update.
    - Uninstall/deactivate current antivirus and reinstall Rome 2.
    - Reinstall Windows10
    I heard others have same issue like me but they are also unable to solve it. Help me if you have solved it you had issues before 6 months but i just now found this chat.
  • PreacherAlfonzoPreacherAlfonzo Registered Users Posts: 16
    Try family sharing to an alt steam account. Works for me
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