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Maybe regular Empire/Dwarf cannons should be buffed?

SagezSagez Registered Users Posts: 510
Do you use them at all? They seem unpopular in single and multiplayer, like ''why use them if you have organ/helstorm''. Sadly there is no lord who would have them in starting army.

Maybe they are like european cannon from Shogun 2 (not FOTS where arty was awesome) which were in fact very weak.

Cannons were fun to use in BOTET (Warhammer mod for Medieval 2), where it was really fun to watch how cannonballs plow through enemy infantry. Using them for sniping large targets is kinda anticlimactic imho.


  • sandercohensandercohen Registered Users Posts: 525
    In multiplayer I do field them regularly. They have extreme range, are not too expensive, are universally good damage dealers and you obey the attacking rule, allowing for a defensive style of play. I can imagine in singleplayer that at some point they are phased out by helstorms and organ guns - but that is not necessarily because they are better compared to cannons, but because the AI simply can't counter artillery as well as players can, meaning that you can easily get more value out of them. But that is the case for many other units besides these artillery pieces.

    In multiplayer in fact I would say that cannons are overall better than organ guns and helstorms, precisely because many players are aware of Empire and Dwarf artillery capabilities and will thus prepare for it with missile spells, spirit leech or indeed artillery of their own. Losing a 800 gold cannon is less painful than losing a 1100 gold organ gun. Additionally the organ gun cannot counter-snipe as effectively as a cannon can. I never use organ guns and I pretty much only use helstorms against either dwarfs or maybe high elves.
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