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Features you don't want to see in next Historical Titles

jamreal18jamreal18 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 12,503
edited August 28 in Total War General Chat
Let's talk about features that are already in the TW games that you don't like.

Single Entity Units
It destroys the gameplay mechanic of historical titles. No more flanking, formation, maneuver, morale, etc....

Special Abilities
Battles should be about formations, tactics, maneuvers, etc... not special abilities like buff/debuff

Immune to Flanking
It removes tactical gameplay of surrounding your enemy and outmaneuvering them. Units shall do formation if they want to be immune from rear charges

Shield Swapping
Shield should be part of unit stats. Roman Legions and Knights didn't put their shields on back when pursuing enemy and make their charge effective

Pocket Ladders
Units shall carry simple ladders and it shall be passed to other units

How about you?
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  • arthadawarthadaw Registered Users Posts: 1,092
    Immune to flanking make sense, like certain Pike and **** Era units

    Abilities could be a way to show Grenadiers and and Infantry units that would have limited Ranged capacities
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,949
    Agree with all of it. Although I do think some pocket ladders are acceptable such as rope ladders in Empire, although I wouldn't mind seeing them be the base option with wooden ladders being more of an upgrade such as quicker and safer to climb and not able to be cut off/unhooked.

    Immune to flanking should be things such as circular schiltron, or square formation.

    I think I'd like to see a counter to single ship/unit blockading/sieging a location. Think either an intercept/sally forth option when they first advance would help or give them an effectiveness %. So annoying to have a full stack that can wipe the target out and have to wait to do it and take the hit to income, construction and recruitment.
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