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Why TW Multiplayer NEEDS to matter



  • VikingHuscal1066VikingHuscal1066 Registered Users Posts: 2,038
    Warlocke said:

    How about you guys stop trying to be gate keepers?

    You guys are just trying your damnedest to put down the TW multiplayer, most likely without ever actually given any of them a fair shot.

    Yet you have the nerve to tell me to stop being a "mind leader" about multiplayer.

    You guys are refusing to acknowledge the FACT that people often don't finish anything longer than short campaigns and often run into campaign fatigue.

    You guys REFUSE to acknowledge the fact that the multiplayer could easily be made more interesting for people who want to play the TW games instead of just forcing themselves through yet another campaign again.

    All this is so stupid it's hilarious.

    Because, whether you admit this or not doesn't matter, but it's the battles that have drawn most people who play the TW games to them in the first place.

    None of us were drawn in by boring campaign interviews or anything, we were drawn in by the real time battles.

    In the end, campaigns are really just ways to get you to battles if you bother thinking about it.
  • VikingHuscal1066VikingHuscal1066 Registered Users Posts: 2,038
    edited September 2

    The fact that MP isn’t popular isn’t a matter of my personal opinion, it’s a matter of fact, if it was popular CA would put more money into it. They tried with S2 and ppl didn’t take.

    And I could really not give a damn about excuses.

    Actually try some of them, or just leave the discussion all together.

    If you can't actually step up a little and actually try the multiplayer, then whether you like it or not, you don't have the right to say anything about it.

    And the funniest thing about all this is how hypocritical you guys are about it.

    If I came to the forums and made a thread called "I think TW campaigns suck", while saying that I have never played them before, you guys would probably go on and on about how and why I should give them a chance before saying they're bad.

    But all the while, you guys aren't willing to actually give the TW multiplayer a fair shot.
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,949
    edited September 2

    I'm going to be blunt.

    I don't give a damn about stats or any crap like that.

    I care about the multiplayer and can clearly tell when someone has either never actually given it a fair shot or has just never played it before.

    Yeah, it's pretty dumb that so many people have never given the TW multiplayer a proper chance, well, either that or they tried and decided to quit because they got beat one time and they can't handle any defeats.

    And yeah, if you or anyone else has never given the multiplayer a fair chance, you don't really have the right to put it down or act like it doesn't matter.

    Actually give the multiplayer a fair chance for once, and just try playing a few battles with friends.

    Yeah...then you are arguing pure opinion and not actual reality. Stats are facts and interpretation but they defeat opinion.

    And the stats show most of the community don't care for it.

    Again you haven't done any research on it as that would be stats so you can't really say why. You haven't even asked people here why, instead just tried to say people who don't play multiplayer don't matter.

    But I know one big thing that would really make people actually play the TW multiplayer.

    And that's if you could create your own TW army in the game.

    Let's just say that Warhammer 3 comes out, then CA announces Medieval 3 or whatever, and they also bring out how there'll be a mechanic in the campaigns where you can basically create your own units and equip them how you want, similarly to how a lord might gather and equip his army during the medieval times.

    And then CA comes out and says that they'd doing something similar to the multiplayer of the game, to where players can basically create their own medieval armies.

    Personally it wouldn't. It would ensure I wouldn't play it and would actually put me off buying the game as they've invested development budget in that rather than the content I would play.

    Also no one here has blown off, dismissed or insulted the multiplayer of TW, that is all in your head and you are projecting it again. We have pointed out the issues that CA has tried to make it more popular with S2 and while it was popular with the multiplayer community it didn't draw the attention of the community as a whole which makes up the majority of their customers so it's better off investing the money on them and on a system where they can sell content to generate more profit.

    Also ironic that you tell others they can't have an opinion without playing it when you have posted an opinion on Troy without having played it.
  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,722
    1) I have tried multiplayer. I don’t think anybody here has ever explicitly said they have never tried multiplayer. Why you are assuming that is the case is baffling.

    2) Nobody here is being a gatekeeper. Gatekeeping is insisting that people aren’t true fans unless X. Nobody has insisted that you aren’t a true fan if you like multiplayer or don’t like campaign or whatever. Nobody has done anything like that.

    3) We didn’t say stop being a mind reader about multiplayer. We said stop being a mind reader about ascribing false motivations and subtext to our posts.

    4) Nobody has refused to acknowledge that most campaigns don’t get finished. I don’t finish most of my campaigns. We aren’t talking about that because that is irrelevant to the point in contention: that most TW players don’t play multiplayer.

    5) Nobody has said definitively that TW multiplayer couldn’t be made more interesting. We just don’t think CA will spend the money to do so because we don’t think anything they do will significantly increase the online player base.

    6) if you made a thread saying that TW campaign sucks without having played it nobody would convince you to try it. They would call you a troll, mark you, and move on.
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 22,312
    Thread closed.
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