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Multiplayer Campaign Lobby Map

Red_0ctoberRed_0ctober Registered Users Posts: 1
As it is now, when you load a saved online campaign (or save the game), you can see a map with highlighted territory owned by each player.

I pretty much just play head to head multiplayer campaigns - this obviously is not ideal since every time we save and every time we load the game from the lobby, we can see eachother's territory. This poses a pretty frustrating problem as it negates any way of sneakliy acquiring territory.

It would be very helpful if there was a way to disable this by default, and instead of seeing a map when loading and saving, you just saw a logo, or something else, or nothing at all other than the save name. This would enable the players to play the campaign competitively and not have it be obvious when the other player is trying to stealthily expand, which I believe would be an intended option.


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