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Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Registered Users Posts: 3,063
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I watched this video and it made me think a rebellious thought

Concubines (in Han Chinese, Manchu, Mongol and Korean history anyway) weren't just play things and it was considered a great honour (if not the 2nd greatest) for a woman to be selected as a concubine of an Emperor, a general or a noble so why did CA disallow such a mechanic? re-writing history and changing things to suit the neo-nazi-like behaviour of certain groups is very shameful, especially for a Game Company. Real life politics should never be brought into games (unless they are games entirely based on the current year).

So... when you (CA) decide to make another game based on Chinese history (preferably not half baked this time). You should throw out all of your weird political/historical censorship stuff and be a little more realistic. It wasn't a problem for Shogun 2 or the other Total War games... so why do this to Three Kingdoms?
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  • RewanRewan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,818
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    so why did CA disallow such a mechanic?

    Because the Family tree had already enough bugs & issues with a "standard" relationship to add concubines into the mix. Also what would it actually bring into the game ? Nothing but flavour, now sure, flavour is good and all but clearly, it wasn't THAT important to have concubines in the game.
    If anything, CA should have done more to allow characters NOT in the ruling family to have kids, that would have been - imho - miles more interesting & important than adding concubines.

    Trying to see an "agenda" or "politics" in this is having one of your own, and truthfully, you should tone it down especially when you start spouting ABSOLUTE nonesense

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  • shattishatti Registered Users Posts: 753
    Also sex animations
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  • Vin362Vin362 Registered Users Posts: 1,491
    Given that having generals like Guan Yu or Xiahou Yuan didn't result in having their children spawn in your court I don't see how concubines would have worked.
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  • WarlockeWarlocke Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,083
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    It’s really weird to assume that the exclusion of concubines was CA bowing to some sort of political pressure and not just, you know, a normal choice.

    It’s also weird to be so triggered by this that you post a diatribe on their forums.
  • united84united84 Registered Users Posts: 1,123
    There is already a concubine in the game, in the form of ancillary that gives +10 satisfaction.
    So, the developers are definitely aware of this issue but small issue nonetheless.

    Battles, state craft, diplomacy and ruses are more important in 3K than concubines.
  • JerroserJerroser Registered Users Posts: 757
    I would actually that really the next best step CA could take not just for TW games set in China but historical titles in general would be for the game to separately track the families of each general or character (or at least their immediate relatives). So it isn't just the faction leaders that actually have a family in game. Maybe making it so not every child in the faction becomes a fully fledged general but can exist as a civilian in the background who can be made in to a general if you need them.

    Having used the MTU mod quite a lot which does include a very basic concubine system, one of the biggest effects it really has on the game is that you're completely overwhelmed with more kids than you know what do with. So I can definitely understand CA wanting to avoid such a mechanic for that reason along given how they tried to keep the number of kids each character has minimal.
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