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TW:W2 I hit play and nothing happens

TheAlmightyZugsTheAlmightyZugs Registered Users Posts: 46
So I've seen threads like this before but no fixes listed have worked. When I try and launch TW:W2 it just sits there. I usually don't use the normal launcher but Kaedrins. I've tried reinstalling, verifying files, running the beta version in steam, shutting off Firewall, deleting specific files in app data, deleting all files in app data, unsubscribing from all mods and launching etc but all still the same problem. If I try to launch it from Steam directly, the launcher will come up but when I hit play - it just sits and nothing happens. If I launch it from Kaedrins mod manager the same thing happens. Does anyone know of a fix?


  • BooyahBooyah Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Press play on steam home page, the launcher looks ok for about 1 second and then nothing....the launcher never actually opens and every 30 seconds it asks whether I want to keep waiting....
  • EzunsEzuns Registered Users Posts: 3
    This started happening to me after I took the last windows update. When I uninstalled it everything worked fine again. Unfortunately it won't let me flat out refuse the update it only allows it to be delayed.
  • EzunsEzuns Registered Users Posts: 3
    Try this it got me going

    from steam
    just right click on the games
    left click properties
    left click local files
    left click browse

    start here if you don't have steam

    right click warhammer 2
    left click properties
    left click compatibility tab at the top of the new menu
    left click change settings for all users at the bottom
    check the box next to disable fullscreen optimization
    left click apply at the bottom

    Hope this works out for you as well

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