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'Office given to subordinate' penalty applied to character after being appointed to top job.

chemival#6454chemival#6454 Registered Users Posts: 24
I know I need to be careful not to over-promote characters if it means they are going to be in higher office than another character of higher rank, but could someone explain why my top ranking character has incurred this penalty after being appointed to the very top office? see image

Seemas a bit strange to give your top star-ranking character the top office (High Judge) and him to repay you with reduced loyalty?

To confirm the penalty was definitely only applied after appointing him to the office.


  • stix_09stix_09 Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited September 2021
    It's in the description,

    Office given to subordinate: This happens when a character of a lower rank than the effected's has been given an office of equal or greater rank. The worse the loyalty hit the more egregious the affront is to the character. I.E. you made him a companion and a lower rank character was given judge.

    Fix: Simply replace him as a general or governor and "office given to subordinate" goes away. Next turn you can return him to his original post if he is best suited to it, and his loyalty will be back to normal.

    see loyalty here


    Not sure why here, but maybe your main character is equal or lower rank?
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