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"Who is Zhao Ming ?" blog leaked.

NeodeinosNeodeinos Registered Users Posts: 12,327

Zhao Ming is known as the Iron Dragon, he's younger than his sisters the aloof, cold, stoic Miao Ying. He is also very good in the martial arts but not as good as the aloof, cold, stoic Miao Ying, he is a great Alchemist. Zhao Ming rules the Western Provinces at the borders with the Mountains of Mourn and he fights hungry Ogres, he is a great alchemist. His mind has been damaged by the Warpstone from the Warpstone Desert which makes his sibling very worried.

Next week we'll also introduce you to his brother Donatello.

Read the interview: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/who-is-zhao-ming-cathay-warhammer-3/

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