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SolvedGame decides to load non-existent mods which cause VFS error

Ronny88Ronny88 Registered Users Posts: 2
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Greetings folks,
ive been trying to get my game running with Radious mods and Ancient Empires. I cant even get it running with the main Radious Total war mod since im getting a VFS error which tells me that some mods are not compatible with eachother...which is surprising since Radious is the only mod active.

I deleted the "Launcher" folder in Appdata/Roaming/The Creative Assembly, terrible mistake because suddenly, in the Games Launchers Mod Manager, there is more mods than before, i do recognise these mods, these are mods i used to have installed back in the day, but they are not functional, the Mod Manager tells me that I MYSELF created these mods, im talking Saxons and Danes by Agrez and so on.

Turns out, after checking Appdata/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Attila/logs/modified, the game decided to load some mods i havent even installed, the mods that randomly appeared in the mod manager are included here too. In this "modified" folder all these mods are "unknown files".

So my guess is that the reason for the VFS error with only the Radious Mod running, is that the game loads these old, basically non existent mods, which cause compatibility issues with the Radious mod and i guess every other mod i'd try to run after that.

And no i am not subscribed to the mods that randomly appeared, before i installed Attila again yesterday, after like one or two years, i unsubscribed from every mod so i dont download outdated stuff.

And yes, i deleted these mods from Appdata/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Attila/logs/modified manually, but they reappear every time i start the game, and yes, the game runs without mods, but still decides to load these "ghost mods".

I am at my wits end here, i have no idea why steam does that, why Attila decides to load mods from the past, i feel haunted and im about **** my pants, no just kidding but i am **** to the core.

Send help
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