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Fears about DOW/ Southern Realms



  • SaintCornSaintCorn Registered Users Posts: 2,193
    Jote191 said:

    Maelas said:

    Jote191 said:

    The best way to describe how I feel is this. Dogs of War as a mercenary mechanic is really cool, but as a roster is very bare bones.

    This is objectively not true tho.

    The DoW 6th Armybook had :

    5 generic character options, 2 lords and 3 heroes

    12 generic units, without counting the weapon variants, and there's a lot of those

    21 unique mercenaries RoRs

    For a total of 38 units

    To give you a comparison, Tomb Kings, right now have :

    4 generic character options, 1 lord (please CA give High Liche Priest) and 3 heroes

    16 generic units, without counting the variants

    10 unique RoRs

    For a total of 30 units

    So, DoW have a bigger roster than Tomb Kings. And if we count supplements like White dwarfs, Tamurkhan and Storm of Magic, DoW reach 47 units, not counting the LLs !
    By barebones I don't mean in number of units but in the number of unique units. Their roster is made up of mostly other races mercenaries. Like the Ogre Maneaters i don't think mercenaries should only be for Tilea. They should have bonuses and have a playstyle with them, but I want to see some uniquely Tilean stuff. Just some of my thoughts.
    I mean, you're pretty much dead on the money about them.

    They're Dwarf units are literally just Dwarf Warriors, Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons, and Quarrellers.

    They're Ogre Units are actually one to one with the Ogre units already in game minus the mournfang Cavalry.
    (Including the Maneaters even though they are technically absent from the list.)

    They're Norse Marauders are marauders with great weapons, marauder berserkers, and just regular marauders.

    Crossbowmen are well crossbowmen, and there wouldn't be much change from Fantasy German Renaissance crossbowmen to Fantasy Italian Renaissance Crossbowmen.

    Some duelist variants are basically in the game. With Sartosan Miltia and Sartosan Free Company basically being what Dual wielding duelist or a duelist with a pistol would be. There is also a variant with a buckler, which isn't a major change.
    There is also a throwing knife variant which would be unique, but that makes one variant of a mostly copy and paste unit have a unique weapon.

    They're heavy cavalry is literally described to hail from the Tilean Knights, Empire Knights, Bretonnian Knights, and Kislevite Winged Lancers and could be lorefully made a mixed unit of those, but that is basically taking the unit design from three other factions and lumping it into one unit.

    Lastly, their light cavalry is just Kislevite Light Cavalry mixed with Arabyan light cavalry. Arabyan models would be unique if implemented, but it would boil down to watered down Kislevite light cavalry with each variant basically occupying the same niches that Kislev's light cavalry does.

    So, out of those twelve generic units about seven generic units are basically just reusable from the bits and bobs of other factions that are already in-game or from mechanics that allow everyone to recruit them in-game.

    Mind you, most armies will be made with these generic units.

    So, you are definitely not alone in wanting the Dogs of War to be updated into something a fair bit more unique than most of their core troops are ripped straight from other in-game, as in Total War: Warhammer already, races.

  • Morpic_TideMorpic_Tide Registered Users Posts: 92
    Maelas said:

    So, DoW have a bigger roster than Tomb Kings. And if we count supplements like White dwarfs, Tamurkhan and Storm of Magic, DoW reach 47 units, not counting the LLs !

    So actually 17 and 20 units respectively, inverting your claim? Because Regiments of Renown are literally the centerpiece DoW mechanic, them getting more than one of a RoR would break everything about it. Additionally, Tomb Kings have three different tier 5 massive constructs, for the bare basics of their top end.

    What generic top end do the Dogs of War have from their army books? What generic unit do they have that can realistically be compared to a Necrosphinx or Heirotitan?

    My position remains Dogs of War race with a Tilean mercenary general as a launch Lord used as a fairly wide-ranging "launderer" for minor groups and off-map forces to become distinct in-game. Perhaps $5 for a single faction with a LL and generic version, three base units plus permutations with an emphasis on them, a Hero, and a Regiment of Renown or two?

    Of course, this can also be used to amortize costs like mad so we'd be able to get Araby as two Dogs of War then a $9-%15 race pack giving another two LLs and the architecture work, chaff units, redundant items, campaign mechanics, and sundry other tedious space-filling chores that having a landfill faction added to one Lord at a time is meant to dodge.

    Odds of the final Araby being worth more than Vampirates or Tomb Kings? Not very good. But the entire business model is costs broken up over time as ongoing revenue. You buy Curse of the Vampire Coast to play its Lords, something that's easily a hundred fifty hours of game time at the low end.

    Similarly, you'd end up not needing to pay $25 for two-DoW+race pack Araby, you can pay just $5 for just the retroactively-Araby-proper Lord to try Araby's core mechanics out. More realistically, I expect this treatment of Hobgoblins, since they have some roster issues that'd make it perfectly understandable to be first playable as such a shambles.
  • brago90brago90 Registered Users Posts: 1,270
    Dogs of War is a good skeleton to make a faction but it is just that a skeleton. It has the basic units and brings some of the big names in the Southern realms. But we need blood and muscle. Blood is the trade, everything is possible with enough money (including hiring unusual things to see) but the muscle is the cult of Myrmidia, the inventions of Miragliano, and the old ways of Luccini.
  • BonutzBonutz Registered Users Posts: 4,813
    I’m an avid Dogs of War fan but I can agree that they can use a few updates to their roster.
    I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I’m all out of bubblegum.
  • PraiseSigmawPraiseSigmaw Forlì, ItalyRegistered Users Posts: 2,910

    CA don't do anything directly themselves - EVERYTHING is vetted through GW; and most likely GW design absolutely everything CA do. Blaming Kislev on CA is just terribly ignorant.

    However DoW could certainly use a certain amount of revamp. Updated models and some new high-tier units would certainly help round them out.

    There are plenty of interesting ideas GW could 'borrow' from the further works of Leonardo. Clockwork knights, human gyrocopters, bomb throwers, machineguns, volleyguns, other types of flying wing-suits, tanks, etc etc

    I want Dow to have the Giant and Fenbeast from Albion.
    The Ogres are coming to get ya!

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