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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF WARHAMMER (4): Sister of Twilight VS. Throt the Unclean

TheWattmanTheWattman Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,434


Throt the Unclean


Sisters of Twilight


What-what are princess elf-things doing all lone-lone?
You better get-get little magic mom-thing on the phone.
Please-please tell her come out of wood.
Cause her me-me wants to know, very good-good.
Elf-things get out of here now really fast-fast.
Or here battle-thing will be your last-last!
Wait-wait, pretty elf-things don't go no-no!
How you littles taste like me-me want to know!

Stay back Naestra, I can take this blob fine.
Now is certain not the time to be benign.
You filth, how dare you on our mother pose a claim?
Get back or be ready to suffer Unbridled Flame!
Going against me, its you who'll end up the Mould.
I'll carve you to bits and leave them in the cold!
No in fact please come at me, I could use the sport.
Whatever your best may be, I can you kill with a head short!

Oh a little fight-fighter, how nice-nice and quaint.
With your flesh-things me-me must make acquaint.
The use of your bones make my-my mind swing!
What if mould you-you together with Dwarf-thing?
Yes-yes must submit, then take you-you to Hell Pit.
And see what good way-way to slice and split.
Me-me is never joker, can take down any rat ogre.
Come with me-me and promise flesh not be mediocre!

This is getting out of hand so I demand to retort.
When my gaze falls upon you, I note a failed abort.
Allow me to ask you, how goes your under-brawls?
Im not impressed by your clan's number of thralls.
Now leave or get wrecked from Dawn all till Dusk.
At the end, the roots will feed on your forsaken husk.
And a mind Twisted is right for violating creation.
You're about to see the Twilight of your operation.


requested by @ArneSo

NOTE: I know I said around Monday for this one, but I decided not to conflict with potential news day and potentially intense forum discussions.


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