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Cavalry Beta Feedback

McKinerdMcKinerd Registered Users Posts: 7

I have read the cavalry beta update notes in detail, and I notice something seems to be missing. It lists a bracing unit as "any unit facing the charging cavalry and standing still", but has no mention of units that have charge defense against large or all foes. As far as I can see, the math of collision damage does not take into account charge defenses, only unit speed and unit mass.

This leads me to believe my spearmen will take the same impact damage as my swordsmen, which makes no sense logically, as spears will hit enemy cavalry before the cavalry would hit the person holding a spear. I understand this is Warhammer and realism isn't the standard, but if we are realistic enough to include bracing we should be realistic enough to include reduced impact damage for units with charge defenses being charged by Cavalry and Monsters. In fact, Cavalry should take MORE damage than the unit of spears when charging at them from the front, but I know that wont happen so I'm not worried about it.

These new Cavalry changes seem particularly bad for the Dwarfs. Since they are low entity mass, they will take lots of damage from cavalry charges even though they have charge defense against large, which should be taken into account. Knockdown times have also been increased, and now half your unit is on the ground, you take a ton of damage regardless of being braced, and the cavalry goes right in between the gap to kill everyone else. From what I have seen, used to only chariots could reliably smash through a line of Dwarf Warriors and out the other side, but now anything bigger than Goblin Cavalry plows right through them and into the missiles and artillery on the other side. Dwarfs are supposed to be stout defenders who don't budge or break, but they are getting run through by any faction who can afford a horse, boar, or velociraptor.

I think the new update is in the right direction, but PLEASE include charge defense against large (and all) in the calculation for impact damage now that the power of a cavalry charge has increased. That or vastly decrease the number of models that are knocked down if the unit has charge defense against large.


  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 1,680
    Charge Defence against Large doubles your bracing bonus to mass, meaning that a braced unit of Spearmen takes half the impact damage and is twice as heavy for collision reaction calculations.
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  • ssssnake529ssssnake529 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 39
    Removing the charge bonus from collision calculations was a step backwards.

    Shock cavalry got nerfed hard with this change.

    Wish they would have left the collision calculations alone. On Legendary Difficulty in particular, cavalry's high burst damage was all that made it viable. Now that the charge effects have been drastically reduced, there is very little reason to use cavalry at all.

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