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I have to say I don't really like...

WaaaghCheifWaaaghCheif Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2,297
(sorry for the clickbait in advance)

The Soundtrack

I put on SeriousTrivias compilation of all the gameplay footage that was put forward to the content creators by CA. To hear through voice acting, sound effects, and the soundtrack. I was delighted with the sound effects and voice acting (barring obvious placeholders).

But the soundtrack, still just sits there in the corner. Ambient, not calling attention or demanding to be listened to. It is still somewhat the same, the drowned vocalization, tense strings. There's no "rhythm" to it. It's more of the same, I feel.
I also think its more closer to WH1s indifferent soundtrack, than the more improved WH2 soundtrack. But WH2s soundtrack still also leaves more to be desired.

I am not saying it's bad. I am saying its

Some "Theory" from a non-musician

I, feel, that Warhammers Soundtrack suffers the same from too much genericism. See above for a video on the subject. While I don't argue like the video Warhammer that it suffers from "temp music" tainting an inspiration. I still feel that the soundtrack is pretty monotonous, if you take in totality Warhammer 1 s battle music, I found the Ogres, Khorne, Tzeentch all pretty much close to the notes of Wh1 music.

Mandalore touches on this criticism for the series as a whole, in his popular Total War Warhammer review. Timestamp: 14:20

He also comments on the trailer being such a deviation from the soundtrack from the games. A bit on that.

I also remember watching a WH2 battle by @Indypride with Skaven, and he used Medieval 2, Jeff Van Dycks War of Kings instead of the WH2 soundtrack. I remember feeling pumped and I was like holy mother, has this been in the soundtrack and I've never noticed? Then I figured out it was Med 2 soundtrack, and yeah.

The Trailer Soundtrack

What is kinda ironic, is that CA has shown multiple times that CA CAN if they WANT to. I don't know why CA chooses such an ambient direction to the game while a bombastic for the trailer. Or I mean, I kinda do by the nature of trailers. And I see some strawman on the subject on Le Reddit and sometimes here.

There's some theory, that the gameplay soundtrack shouldn't be too distracting. I beg to differ, but more on that later. Let us take that into account, for the Vampire Coast, the soundtrack is not bad, it is not good either. I find the same "structure" of the music that I find in pretty much every other faction. See Timestamp 3:30 for the Chaos soundtrack above, and 1:38 for the Vampire Coast Soundtrack (not shanty/trailer). It all feels it shares the same "foundation".

But back into the not distracting part, then we can't have the shanty for the soundtrack. But there are still ELEMENTS in the shanty we could've had in the soundtrack. Why didn't CA incorporate some "yo-hoo" vocalization (the non-lyrical part of the shanty) in the VCoast soundtrack? It would be just as distracting as the quintessential choir we have in pretty much any Human/Elf/Chaos faction.

Also, where's a dark and scary concertina or even a hurdy-gurdy? Done right, it would fit both Vampires gothic feel and the jolly pirate the,e.

I in discussions on the soundtrack of the series versus its trailers are often met, by what I call somewhat fair and somewhat a strawman on it. "Trailers are made to hype you up, it's made to fit a set cinematic rhythm and timing, while the soundtrack is set to the ambiance." I am not entirely disagreeing with this sentiment, but still, the soundtrack still doesn't need to be so ... shallow, in comparison at least.

Trailer Soundtrack != Soundtrack .. or does it ?

I am actually of the opinion that GOOD soundtracks TAKES your attention to it. On how good it is. I will list some examples, and one of those takes that previous argument to somewhat bed.

The Witcher 3 E3 trailers take what is a GENERIC fighting soundtrack of the Witcher 3 as its trailer soundtrack. Witcher 3 has an amazing soundtrack. When I played it anything from the calm "ambient" Hunters Path soundtrack and the battle soundtrack took my attention to it. And the fact that a generic fighting soundtrack can be taken to be used as a bombastic trailer kinda negates the previous argument. Then again. I'll admit, Witcher 3 is obviously another genre, but then again that doesn't negate my point. Where there's a will there is a way.

WH1 missing soundtracks

  • Wood Elves, Beastmen, Dwarfs, Bretonnia, Norsca has NO UNIQUE Battle Soundtrack
  • Beastmen, Dwarfs, Bretonnia, Norsca has NO UNQIUE Battle Soundtrack
But the PRE-Battle Soundtrack for each of these gives a clear idea of what it coulve been

Listen to the majestic heavy drums and horns of the Dwarfs with deep vocalizations. The Dwarfs were robbed of their true musical identity. This one goes to the book.

Fast drums complement the fast and rushing nature of the beastmen. Crude horns that the beastmen uses. It gives guerilla warfare feel to it. Which fits the Beastmen perfectly.

Sound like the Wood Elves are laying in wait, which fits them perfectly. Calm tunes, wood clunking, pipes. Yes, please.

Not to krump on CA.

CA has done better in Wh2. It is amazing.

All these are near and dear to my heart.

So why am I saying this

It is unlikely sadly, we will get a music rework for Game 1 races. They all deserve it though. Maybe there's hope for Wh3 races, but I think it is a bit premature of me to call it out on it yet. But from what I've heard on it so far, it's not better, for me personally. It is closed on the Wh1 ratio than Wh2.

So maybe some changes will be made, I'm not holding my breath for it.

But I am saying it so the best race can get the best soundtrack.

Wanted to put my thoughts on this on paper for a while now. Rant over.

Would like to hear your thoughts.


  • HowTheStarsBurnHowTheStarsBurn Registered Users Posts: 650
    I turn the music off.
  • capybarasiesta89capybarasiesta89 Senior Member Bath, UKRegistered Users Posts: 5,183
    I hate Warhammer 1 music absolute despise it, maybe Greenskins are okay actually, Vampire Counts Campaign but I don't like Battle music.

    WH2 and 3 is pretty good.
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  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 31,990
    I don't like clickbait titles.

    I like the music.
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  • Cosmic_LichCosmic_Lich Registered Users Posts: 359
    Just give Bretonnia Medieval 1 and/or 2 music and I'll be happy. :)

    You are right, OP. I wish they would do another take on the music in game. They clearly can do thematic music for in battle and in campaign.
  • Jman5Jman5 Registered Users Posts: 1,766
    While I am not a music expert at all, I do agree that too much of the music is simply forgettable background noise. It's really disappointing because when you do it right, it really turns a moment or event into an amazing and memorable experience.

    Think about that scene from the movie Interstellar. Just the fact that you know EXACTLY what scene I'm talking about shows the power that great music can have.
  • YellowTreeYellowTree Registered Users Posts: 347

    I turn the music off.

    There is a soundtrack?
    Someone out there cares about it? You learn something every day.
  • BonutzBonutz Registered Users Posts: 4,856
    Disagree. I think the soundtrack sounds awesome.
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  • mightygloinmightygloin Karaz-a-KarakRegistered Users Posts: 5,342
    Agree but i don't mind it that much since in these type of games you can listen to your own stuff all the way. Did exactly that after the first few hours in the game since the tunes didn't grab my attention at all.

    Here let your ears feast

  • kratostatickratostatic Registered Users Posts: 744
    Jman5 said:

    While I am not a music expert at all, I do agree that too much of the music is simply forgettable background noise. It's really disappointing because when you do it right, it really turns a moment or event into an amazing and memorable experience.

    Think about that scene from the movie Interstellar. Just the fact that you know EXACTLY what scene I'm talking about shows the power that great music can have.

    I don't actually know what scene you mean but that's only because there's a bunch of different ones.

    On the actual OP - I think part of the problem is that the music is mixed super low in these battles (presumably to emphasise the voicelines). And actually the mix within the track itself isn't great-Khorne has a cool melody in the brass but the voices drown it out.

    But I do think the pieces (or what I can hear of them)are pretty good, at least in terms of having faction identity - Khorne sounds like Khorne, Ogres sound like Ogres and so on.

    I do hope some of the Cathay trailer music makes it in one way or another. Specifically the melody that's in the second chunk of the battle when the Jade Warriors are manouvering. It's also in Enter the World of Cathay. Cool tune, really works with Cathay's vibe without just being "generic Chinese music".
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